8-Bit Legends Hewson Are Back In The Game Business

If you grew up with a Commodore 64 or ZX Spectrum then you will have almost certainly played a game published by Hewson. Despite being one the smaller software companies they managed a string of hits including Exolon, Cybernoid, Zynaps, Uridium, and Stormlord.


Hewson shut down in 1991 but in 2013 Hewson Consultants Ltd was re-formed to launch book written by founder, Andrew Hewson, about his experiences in the industry. It has now been revealed the company has won a grant to prototype a new game.

What the game(s) will be is anyone guess, but they do have back catalogue of gold titles to plunder including the controversial 16-bit version of  Deliverance: Stormlord II which included saucy naked fairies and actual boobs!


Source: Twitter



  1. Is that naked woman shooting fire out her derrière? If so, do I want to know why?

    • Would it not be more logical to assume it was coming out of the dragon’s mouth???

      • Yes but my brain never went there for whatever reason. The flames do look a bit more streamlined from my point of view. And seem to be fanning out at the dragon.

        I need to know this!

      • Haha – I think that’s purely a timing thing. I believe that the Dragon shoots fireballs, so what you see there is the ball shooting towards the ground, leaving a trail behind (which would have been quite advanced at that time I suppose!).

        However, taking the picture as it is, it does appear that the scantily clad lady has been at the Fairy Vindaloo & it hasn’t quite agreed with her! :D

        Still, bewbs.

  2. Paradroid and Uridium please. Thank You! Oh, and not crappy mobile games…

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