Hearthstone’s Future Splits The New And The Old

Digital card games have become incredibly popular over the last few years, with Blizzard’s Hearthstone one of the biggest and the best in the genre. However, as the game evolves and grows with new card packs, it becomes an increasingly difficult task to keep having new and interesting cards, while balancing them with the old.

Instead of cutting older content and removing it from sale – this would be a hold over from physical card sales, where the presses are turned to producing the newer content – Blizzard are creating two new categories for you to play in instead.


Standard is the new default going for Friendly Challenges, Ranked and Casual play, and will be what features in tournament. It restricts your decks to cards released in the current and previous calendar year, on top of Basic and Classic cards. This currently includes everything from Blackrock Mountain onwards, but will change from year to year.

However, if you want to continue playing with all your toys, there’s the Wild format, where every card ever created can be used. Wild decks can also be used to play Arena, Solo play, or Adventures, and with that in mind, Blizzard are doubling the number of deck slots to 18 for anyone that’s unlocked all nine adventurers.

Doubtless there’s plenty of questions that fans will have, with the above video outlining the overall plan, but more details can be found on the Blizzard site in their FAQ.

Source: press release



  1. I am very divided on this, don’t know what should I do. I don’t know what kind of cards should I craft next. I understand WHY they are doing this, but I have a lot of the cards they will be cycling out, so this hurts me a lot. The best part is that the game has been coming a bit stale, same decks dominating for months at a time. So this will challenge people to come up with new. experimental decks.

    Also, should I disenchant my old cards ? Cause Wild format will still let me play the current decks.

    Right now, I am just afraid of doing anything to my collection, which is already small, so I am very defensive. I will just wait and see, listen to the streamers opinions.

    PS Am I the only one here who plays Hearthstone ?

    • I also dabble in it on occasion.

      My view is that if it has worked for Magic the Gathering for decades, then it will work for Hearthstone. It will ensure that cards don’t see as many buffs/nerfs that we saw in the past, perhaps paving the way for banned lists in different formats instead.

      The collection conundrum is a valid concern though. I do have to wonder how that one will be addressed.

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