Ubisoft Takes Gaming Back To The Stone Age In Latest Primal Stunt

The PlayStation 4 is arguably one of the sexiest gaming consoles on the market with its sharp angles and heavily refined gamepad. However, sometimes I find myself wondering why Sony opted for a plastic shell over a slab of hand-crafted stone.


In Ubisoft’s latest PR gag for Far Cry: Primal they’ve done just that. Drafting in professional free-hand mason, Nick Roberson, the publisher has built their very own prehistoric PS4, complete with a pair of DualShock 4 controllers. Of course, no stone age set-up would be complete without a rock-hewn television display as well your favourite sugary beverage, firmly locked within a deftly cut chunk of rubble.

Far Cry: Primal is set to launch on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next Tuesday with a PC version due in March.


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  1. Shit. The effort! Wonderful to see.

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