Alien: Isolation, Resident Evil, And Ubisoft Titles On Sale On The PSN

Ellen Ripley could jump

Time for another sale on the PSN store and this week’s deal is for the acclaimed game in which you die a lot because humans in the future have forgotten how to jump over knee high barriers, Alien: Isolation!

You can pick that up for £9.99 on PS4 or £7.99 on PS3, and the season pass is discounted to £6.49. There is also a massive sale on all things Ubisoft, including every Assassin’s Creed thing ever, plus discounts on Resident Evil shaped things.

Deal of the Week (until 09/03/16)

Great Games, Great Prices promotion (until 16/03/16)

Resident Evil 20th Anniversary (until 16/03/16)

Digital Discounts (until 16/03/16)


  1. I might have said this before, but Alien:Isolation is an impressive game from start to end, which sets the bar incredibly high for all games to come. I’m tempted to buy it again, just to make it more likely there would be a sequel…

    • As Sega have pulled out of AAA console games.. that might be a bit pointless.

    • There should be a like button for this.

  2. Personally I’m a big fan of Ubisoft games, so already have most of those. I know lots of people aren’t fans, but you can’t deny, they always have great deals on PSN. Big reductions on games that aren’t even that old.

    I only got about half way through Alien. Need to return to it some time.

  3. About time i grabbed SOMA!

    • Yes you should. And then report back when you’ve finished and tell me that’s not THE best / worst ending of a game in ages.

      • I won’t get around to playing it straight away but i’ll do that.

      • Yeah the ending is a real gut punch!

      • Indeed. Kinda saw it coming but even so, the acting is brilliant. And that end shot (at least, the ending before the credits). TBH I could have down without the post credit scene, that kinda spoils the impact.

      • I’ve actually started playing it and got to the underwater place, but it hasn’t really pulled me in yet.
        I’ll give it another go, but I find it a shame it’s set up like ‘it’s all just a bad dream’, as that’s bad for the immersion, in my case.

  4. I wonder if SOMA will ever get a retail release? Very tempting at this price.

  5. Keep hearing a lot about SOMA, but one thing puts me off – From the game description;

    “Just remember there’s no fighting back, either you outsmart your enemies or you get ready to run”

    Ah, no then.

    Other than that, it actually sounds quite Bioshock-y, but if I cannot engage enemies & have to rely on stealth (or running away!), its definitely not for me. I prefer to take threats head on.

    • I’m the contrary, I find games much more thrilling if you’re not completely overpowered and able to get rid of any monster in seconds. Loved Outlast and Alien:Isolation for that.

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