Pang Adventures Hits PlayStation 4 On 19th April

Rebooted classic arcade game Pang Adventures will land on PlayStation 4 on April 19th with the blessing of Mitchell Corporation, the original game’s developers. It will include couch co-op, plus a host of new weapons and features to compliment the orginal’s bubble bursting gameplay.

“We worked really hard to infuse Pang Adventures with new ideas while staying true to the series’ original spirit,” said Jessica Iragne, Communication & Marketing Manager at DotEmu. “The result is a great balance between the traditional gameplay we loved in the good old days and some fresh mechanics. This new adventure debuts never-before-seen features like unique attack ball types, epic boss fights, and amazing new weapons!”

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. This will be totally lost on “the great unwashed” but I certainly remember Pang and used to love it on the Amiga. Looking forward to this.

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