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Man Continues To Date Pillow In The Second Senran Kagura Estival Versus Trailer

The amount of game trailers – and indeed game announcements – popping on to my desk every day is getting a bit ridiculous and they do need to stand out to get attention, so hats off to Marvelous and their PR team for their series of videos in which a man has a romantic relationship with a pillow.

It’s to promote Senran Kagura Estival Versus so there are a couple of borderline NSFW shots of improbable boobs bouncing about, but it’s mostly a man, who I hope got paid an awful lot, taking a pillow on various dates.

If you missed the first trailer, in which the man finds the love of his life on Tinder, you can watch it here.


By the way, the pillow is an actual thing and is part of the Bahonkas edition version of the game, more info on that can be found here.

Source: YouTube


  1. Hah, 3D gameplay not supported, brilliant! This is the perviest game I’ve ever come across.

    • That joke was pretty neat.

      I think the new Dead or Alive Extreme 3 takes the cake in pervyness though. It has butt-battles, swimsuit malfunctions and a dating mode. And it’s been deemed too risqué for the western world. Oh, did I mention PSVR support?

  2. The pillow thing reminds me of Marshpillow, which you will only get if you’ve seen How I Met Your Mother.

    Some proper strange games come out of Japan!

  3. Who says there’s no originality in games anymore?!

  4. I wonder if they staged the ice-rink, or if he actually went skating with it in public? I suppose having a camera on you makes you more brave.

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