Sony Releases Trailers For Playroom VR, Tumble VR, And VR Worlds

Sony has just revealed the price of the PlayStation VR and its release date, with all the information available here. That’s not all the company has put out today, with some new trailers uploaded that show a few of the games you’ll be able to enjoy on the PSVR. From carrying out a London Heist, to taking part in a terrifying luge event, to sports Sony seems to be trying its hand at all sorts of genres in VR.

PlayStation VR Worlds is where you’ll experience five different scenarios, including London Heist. Here you’re tasked to steal a diamond, but if that isn’t your fancy you can explore the oceans in Into The Deep, or take part in a spot of dodgeball. There’s also venturing into Space, or taking part in a luge event through streets.

The Playroom will be coming to PSVR and it will be available for free. It will incorporate multiplayer too, with one person wearing the headset while others use the DualShock 4. Headset wearers will take on a number of roles, and play in different stages from destroying cities, to hunting ghosts, and getting involved in Wild West shoot-outs.

Supermassive Games has already confirmed Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood for PSVR, but that isn’t the only VR game the studio is working on. The developer has unveiled Tumble VR for Sony’s headset. Tumble VR is a puzzle game in which you’ll build towers and bridges, or making them explode. Tumble VR will also have multiplayer with both co-op and competitive modes.

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  1. I would have to punch who ever is wearing the VR if they keeping almost head butting me when playing playroom VR, that’s so annoying

    • Yeah, it does look potentially dangerous in certain situations, depending who you’re sitting next to.. :P

  2. I like the look of PlayStation VR Worlds but not sure if the other two would get played, except out of curiosity.

  3. The original Tumble game was pretty cool, the 1:1 control worked really well and it always deserved a sequel.

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