The Playroom VR Updated With A Free, Four Player Tower Defence Game

The Playroom VR has been updated with brand new game, and like the rest of them it’s totally free! Toy Wars is a four-player co-op tower defence-style game set in an underground base hidden under a bed. Like many of the other games in Playroom VR it has asynchronous gameplay, in this case the non VR players have to protect the VR player from waves of incoming enemies.

The sea-monster game from Playroom VR is one of my favourites and I do like a tower defence game, so this looks promising.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. I deleted this off the PS4 at the weekend just there. Great for a free game and really shows off some neat features. The other half just didn’t love it.

    • Ah it’s great fun. The cat and mouse thing is a bit weird but the sea monster game is so much fun after a few wines!

  2. The platformer in the playroom isand brilliant, wish theyto would turn it intointo a full game.

    • Fully agree, it’s one of my favourite games on PSVR so far.

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