The Vampire Counts Arise As The Final Race In Total War: Warhammer

Total War: Warhammer might have been delayed until May, but that hasn’t stopped the marketing train from rumbling on, with todays reveal of the Vampire Counts as the fourth and final playable race to feature in the base game at launch. Check out the in-game trailer for the race.


What makes this race stand out from the others is their focus on Death magic and necromancy. Led by Mannfred von Carstain, you’ll be able to draw battalions of mouldering corpses and skeletons back to life, before shuffling off to besiege the lands of the living.

Keep an eye out for more trailers in the near future, if you’re curious to see how the race plays, or you can tune into Creative Assembly’s stream at 6PM today for a live demo.

Source: press release


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