Yakuza 0 Will Be Released Early 2017 In Europe

SEGA has confirmed that it will be releasing Yakuza 0 in Europe during early 2017 for PS4, and it will be available as a digital download and in a physical version. The game’s story is set at the very beginning of the franchise exploring the origins of Kazuma Kiryu and his ascension through the Yakuza ranks. Players will also be able to take control of the Mad Dog of Shimano, Majima Goro.


Players will be able to make money in various ways, from beating up rivals to things like Disco Halls, Telephone Clubs, and Pocket Circuit racing. The European release will feature Japanese voice overs and English subtitles too.

Source: Press Release



  1. Yay! 1980s Yakuza. Now, can we have Yakuza 5 on disc please? I’m lacking in space on the PS3 to download it.

  2. wasn’t this released like a year ago in Japan?

    sega of the 21st century=square of the 90s.
    at least as far as western releases of their games go anyway.

    still, at least this will finally be getting a western release, they still seem determined to never release PSO2 in the west.

    • Yes, a year ago in Japan. Two years to see if the West is really interested (obviously it is), then translate everything and potentially remove or change bits that would be weird to us? Doesn’t seem that bad.

      I’m guessing 5 sold a few copies then, and they’ve just now decided to go ahead with localising 0?

  3. yay, better late than never! ;)

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