Both Nintendo NX Leakers Admit It Was All Faked

Whether you believed they were real or not, there was a lot of gnashing of teeth and wailing over the possibility that Nintendo’s NX was truly being represented by the two controller leaks that we saw over the last few days. With an ovular design that was all screen and two analogue sticks cut into the display, it was surprisingly close to the curious patent design that Nintendo had filed.

Both supposed leaks have now been revealed as hoaxes by their creators. The first, originally posted by Idriss2Dev on reddit, was shown to be little more than a well constructed digital image. The reveal was done with this humorous, if mocking, video:


However, the second “leak” by Frank Sandqvist, aka perkele37, was a little more elaborate. Based off the original link, he then created a 3D printed model out of resin, with rubberised sticks and a laser cut acrylic screen. All in all, a much more elaborate and more convincing process to go through:

So there we have it. Worries over the ergonomic design of the oval and the lack of buttons can be shelved for the time being. At least until Nintendo reveal what the actual controller looks like.

But we can still dream…

Source: reddit [1, 2], YouTube [1, 2]



  1. i think it’s about time to revive a classic.

    it’s been a while but i think now is perfect for the comeback.


  2. Did they fool anyone at all?!

    • There’s a reason why #teamreal was trending! The fake nx controller even outed ‘insiders’ claiming the pic matches info they got from sources within nintendo!

      Brilliant prank!

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