Leak Points To God Of War 4 Having Norse Mythology Setting, Kratos To Return

There has been an apparent leak regarding God Of War 4, which suggests that the next main entry to the series will take players into Norse mythology. Kratos looks set to return and will apparently be sporting a beard. According to NerdLeaks Kratos will be in Alfheim, one of the worlds present in the Norse myths, where the Light Elves dwell. He’ll also apparently have an axe to use, which will help in cutting down the local flora. There’s no mention of his blades.

NerdLeaks has a gallery of supposed concept art from the game, including one showing Kratos with beard. However, that image doesn’t look too convincing and the other art could have been taken from any game in production. We know Sony Santa Monica are working on a new title in the God Of War series, but there’s been no information about it’s setting or protagonist. This leak may be legit with the source claimed to be a concept artist who worked at the studio, with images taken from a private section of their site.


If this is God Of War IV then Norse mythology is an interesting place to go. However the legitimacy of these images is hard to ascertain, so without solid evidence I’m not convinced enough to say that this is definitely evidence of what to expect in the next God Of War.

UPDATE: Nerdleaks seem to have shut the entire site overnight, but the images can now be found here. Two years ago Sony Santa Monica shut down a huge project that included a number of key staff from the God of War franchise, this concept art may be from that old, cancelled game.

Source: NerdLeaks



  1. Interesting, though incredibly unlikely. Although I think we’ll see Kratos return in some capacity, there are certain parts of Greek mythology the series hasn’t explored yet. Surely, after that, Roman mythology (or maybe pre-Islamic Arabia)?

  2. Since the “leak” the website and their twitter account have both disappeared. Not just the pictures but the whole leak. Make of that what you will.

  3. Kratos vs Thor?
    now that sounds like a fight.

    i mean, he’s killed off all the Greek gods hasn’t he?

    time to start on some other pantheon.
    can’t wait till he gets round to scientology. ^_^

  4. As much as this sound so awesome, I think rest Kratos. Create a new character, different motives, new mythology. Don’t make Kratos ruin other Gods

    In other hand the story could go like, the other Gods have heard of what has happened in the island of Greece, how a mortal man has defeated the Gods & are concerned by this so they try to come interfere which then forces Kratos to journey across the world to stop all the Gods trying to stop him on his quest

    • Silly Taylor, Kratos doesn’t ruin gods. He flat out murders them via epic fights backed by epic songs using epic blades whilst yelling at the top of his voice. Oh and he bangs chicks in between bosses. :P

  5. Yes to the Norse gods. No to Kratos. I mean, his story is kinda over. He murdered all the greek gods and kinda has no real reason to go after the Norse gods apart Kratos is one angry motherfecker. I would like to see a new Protagnist instead of Kratos as well, he’s kinda dull. He is more or less reduced to “ZEUS! I WILL KILL YOU!” Smash, stab, throw, kill, kill. And pretty much gives the Hulk a run for his cash in terms of sheer rage. Granted, 3 was meant to be his last game then we got the prequels. There can’t be anything else for Kratos to do.

    Now, the norse god of war, that could be interesting and it gives them an excuse to refresh the franchise.

  6. I think they should try and come up with some new ideas.

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