Try Out The HTC Vive Next Time You Pop Into Harrods

Have you fancied giving the HTC Vive and VR in general a try? Well, next time you nip into Harrods for a spot of shopping and lunch while your Rolex’ watch strap is adjusted, you can step into the world of virtual reality thanks to a new pop-up shop from HTC.

Similar to partnership with Currys PC World that has seen Vive appear in a handful of stores in London, Leeds and Reading, this is more than just boxes on shelves and will feature a large demo area to give you the best possible space in which to try out the Vive’s room scale VR.


Chances are that if you can afford to shop in Harrods, you can afford the £700 Vive, the PC to go with it and have a house with enough room to spare for room scale VR…

Of course, this is all about exposure and getting the Vive and VR in general into the public consciousness. Harrods might be a teensy bit exclusive, but with Vive as the top end and most premium of the first generation of VR, it kind of fits.

For the rest of us, Valve are trying to illustrate what VR is really like by way of mixed reality videos, such as this one:

Source: press release



  1. oh, i’m never out of harrods. >_>

  2. Super, I shall wander down from my Mayfair office* one lunch time. Pip pip!

    *Not actually joking, my office is next door to the Ritz

    • Let me know if you have to queue or anything – I’d quite like to have a go too!

  3. I shall drop Tarquin and Persephone off at the velvet play area and watch my butler try out the common- i mean commercial model, before ordering a unique 24k gold-plated, ruby-inlaid model for moi.

  4. Right, where’s my nearest Harrods? :O

    I had an email from PlayStation the other day, about trying PS VR. Turns out it’s only at EGX rezzed. They want to get a unit into every GAME store, Supermarket, shopping centre that they can.

    • Got the same email, it’s just 270 miles away. May pop in during my lunch hour…….. sorry lunch day!

  5. I just watched a playthrough of The Lab last night – best VR game i’ve seen so far.

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