Ask Mii Anything – Miitomo On The BAFTA Game Awards Red Carpet

Let me tell you, the red carpet at an awards show is a strange and surreal place. The press are all tucked behind a red rope as the guests all walk past, some of them taking the time to go up and down the line answering questions. But what question should you ask, when you’re given the opportunity? We turned to Nintendo’s Miitomo app to help us out with some little ideas.

We managed to put these quirkily innocent questions to the likes of Troy Baker and Dara Ó Briain later in the evening, but the first response was possibly my favourite of them all. David Bateson, the fittingly bald headed man behind the voice of Agent 47, wandered by and my Mii (eventually) asked “If you were going to get a new pet, what animal would you choose?” His answer comes right out of left field.



But the thing is that there’s a rather wonderful story behind this. “I love dolphins,” he continued. “I was brought up next to the sea, and I once had a very scary experience with what I thought was sharks, when I was out surfing. It was dusk and I lived in a very shark-y area at that time. These fins came towards me and I thought, ‘I am dead meat. I’m a mile out to sea and fins are coming toward me.’

“But then they started coming up and down, and then they started going up and down, so I thought, ‘Oh, they’re breathing! Thank God!’ And then they played with me! They stayed out there and they surfed underneath the wave I was surfing on, and came back and they would nudge me. You know, ‘You’re it!’

“It was a religious experience.”

Between questions asking Rocksteady Games’ Sefton Hill his thoughts on Batman vs. Superman – he seemed to like it, with the showdown between the two heroes a high point for him – and other Batman-y goodness, Mii asked “What do you do to stay healthy?”


Grabbing The Gadget Show presenter Ortis Deley for a few seconds, we discovered what the first film he ever saw in the cinema was. Turns out, and he noted that this was his mum’s choice, it’s a bit of a Disney classic…


I’m not sure my Mii’s quite old enough to have been watching The Rescuers in the cinema, but maybe he saw it on VHS or DVD?

I must admit that I was rooting for Jessica Curry and The Chinese Room to win big with Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, and it was lovely to see her stunning soundtrack pick up another award for Music, as well as Audio Achievement and Performer for Merle Dandridge’s portrayal of Kate Collins.

“I can’t lie,” she said. “It’s an absolutely fantastic feeling to be holding this award, and I’m just really glad to get it for the team, because I’m so proud of them. We’re a tiny team and really close, and I feel that this is a joint achievement with everybody. Couldn’t have done it without them.”

But, my Mii wanted to ask, “What have you been in two minds over lately?”


“These shoes,” Jessica replied. “My son, who’s twelve, said they’re the most hideous things he’s ever seen and an embarrassment, so I wasn’t sure whether to wear them.”

I, for one, think they’re fantastic.


Troy Baker was visibly delighted to see Merle picking up her award on the TV screen in the corner, as he did the rounds, answered a few questions and did a few of his best known voices. But my Mii wasn’t interested in his voice acting career. No, he had a question straight out of a world before the internet, asking, “Where do you prefer to go shopping? In town, or in a shopping centre?”


“So, look out New Bond Street,” he added. “That’s pretty much where I’m gonna go tomorrow!”

When the dust settled, it was Fallout 4 which managed to make off with the Best Game award. European Managing Director Sean Brennan from ZeniMax was happy to talk about the award, saying that “Recognition from the industry, from your peers is very important, particularly in such a strong field of nominees this year. It underlines the success of the title, really.”

Perhaps thinking along the lines of Fallout’s SPECIAL character creation, Mii asked, “What makes a cool person?”


Finally, we managed to sneak 30 seconds of Dara Ó Briain’s time, after he had finished hosting the show. His question? “As a kid, what were you jealous of adults being able to do?”


“Is that not everyone’s thing?” Dara asked. “Well actually, that’s appalling, because I’m a big man, so clearly whenever I got any money at all, that’s where it went.”

Even if he is wearing cat ears, I still don’t think that catty retort was called for. Seriously, you can’t take Mii anywhere…



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