The Oculus Rift Launch Isn’t Going Very Well

Customers who ordered their Oculus Rift headsets within fifteen minutes of them going on sale have still not received the hardware despite it launching last month. Oculus is blaming a component shortage and issued a statement earlier in the month.

We’ve been working through an unexpected component shortage, and unfortunately the issue has impacted has impacted the original shipping estimates for some early customers.Pre-order customers saw the costs of shipping waived as a way to apologize for the delay, but it seems as if this is an ongoing issue, and could be getting worse.

Things have indeed got worse with many customers receiving emails informing them of further delays pushing the delivery of their headsets in to June.

According to Polygon, “The estimated ship date for new hardware ordered today has moved from July to August, meaning any new orders are four months away from reaching customers.”

Kickstarter backers have also suffered from delays and now have no firm date for delivery.

Kickstarter Backers, we’re changing your Order History to show “TBD” instead of the date as that date was applicable to the time in which we imported the orders. We’ve already fulfilled a large number of the orders and more are being fulfilled on a regular cadence. Your Rifts are from a different allocation.

Source: Polygon 1 / 2 / Reddit



  1. The problem is, June and July, but what year? :P

  2. I wish all of the VR launches the best of luck. You have a hilariously difficult challenge making them a success in any real sense of the word.

  3. Kinda defeats the point of preordering of they’re not allocating you a unit that they actually have.

  4. The Vive launch wasn’t any better, my own preorder was cancelled because HTC forgot to add the security code when charging my bank and triggered a fraud alert.. Their so-called solution was for me to give them remote access to my PC. Hells no, was my reply.

    Kind of glad I’m out of it now, it’s been a proper fuck up all round and it seems a much safer bet to wait for the dust to settle before buying the eventual “winner”..

    • That sounds very dodgy!

    • Are you sure you didn’t inadvertently click on some spam masquerading as official HTC email? I can’t imagine any bona fide company making that request.

  5. Sony know how to do a successful launch so I’m not worried about the PSVR.

    • Sony also know how to catastrophically bungle a launch too!

    • Successful in that they always sell out but not successful in meeting demand.

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