Insomniac Reveal Two New Oculus Exclusives

Insomniac Games have announced two new VR games, both of which are exclusive to Oculus Rift. The first, The Unspoken, is a PvP fighting game in which you physically have to throw fireballs at enemies using the Oculus Touch.

The second game is a third-person “adventure-brawler” named Feral Rites, has God of War type combat and the ability to transform in to a beast.

Both games are due this year. Whether or not anyone will have an Oculus Rift to play them on still remains to be seen.

Source: YouTube 1/2



  1. The Unspoken could be a bit more interesting if it was a first person adventure that uses magic in an urban fantasy setting, pvp seems to be a bit limiting to me. Not much shown about Feral Rites but it doesn’t interest me as much so far. At least Insomniac continues to make different I.Ps.

  2. Insomniac have a fantastic pedigree and while i’m sure 3rd-person games look very cool in VR, it’s just not something i would buy a VR headset for.

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