Welcoming You To The Thunderdome In Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop

Mere weeks after the first piece of Fallout 4 DLC came out, another one follows suit with a very different tone. You see, beyond the contraptions for making your very own personalised robot companion, armed to the teeth and ready to take on the mechanical menace lurking in the Commonwealth, there wasn’t much for those not looking for adventure.

Some people just want to build on their existing settlements, and Wasteland Workshop aims to fill the gap with more stuff to build in your base of operations. There are more ways to make your settlement feel like home, or alternatively there’s the capacity to turn your camp into a fortress full of traps for unsuspecting invaders as well as offering a gladiatorial arena for man and animal alike to duke it out in a fight to the death.



Your building options aren’t completely limited to just stuff for your arena however, as you can also make new traps or building features, or even make agriculture a little easier with beds to grow plants in. Some of the more convenient tools, especially the decontamination “portal”, are well worth constructing to make survival in the Commonwealth somewhat easier to do.

Of course, that isn’t all that the Sole Survivor gets for the Wasteland Workshop DLC. Right from the get-go, you are granted all the new tools for the DLC, including the ability to catch certain NPCs. These range from the humble house cat, a dangerous Deathclaw, to human targets such as Raiders lured in by the promise of free drugs.

When you do capture a creature or a human, you can just opt to keep them for all time in the cage, like a weird and disappointing zoo since you can’t look into the cages once caught. You could just open it and kill what’s inside, but the far better idea is to at least have the Beta Wave Emitter nearby so that unfriendly NPCs can become instant guards. Want your settlement to be defended in part by a Yao Guai? This is certainly possible.


You could however make things take a Mad Max turn by creating your own arena. This will allow you to have multiple NPCs fight to the death for both your own amusement and any spectator that wishes to see these fights. This twisted post-apocalyptic colosseum has you, like the Roman Emperors of old, pass judgement on who fights whom for your entertainment. Now if only there was more in the way of pyrotechnics so you could make your own post-apocalyptic take on pro-wrestling.

But, and this is the kicker, if you’re not at all interested in building stuff in your base, then Wasteland Workshop is probably a waste of your money. With absolutely no side quests, new enemies, or even new standard items that aren’t used for settlement crafting; it’s a difficult proposition for those who clearly don’t care a great deal about that side of Fallout 4.

So with that, Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop gets a tenuous recommendation that solely depends on whether you found building settlements to be an engaging past-time. If you like building stuff though, this is a great little toolkit that will certainly make things more convenient, but also provide you with a little bit of entertainment along the way. Caesar would be pleased.


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