Building A Robot Army In Fallout 4: The Automatron

Given that Bethesda was the progenitor of the Horse Armour DLC for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion a decade ago, some may feel that Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC is similarly superficial. After all, it’s being billed as giving the player to build robots, but as I soon discovered, there is a narrative reason behind all of this.

The first foray into the DLC’s story has you answering a distress signal. Upon the Vault Dweller’s arrival, it’s clear that the caravan is being assaulted by robots that have been tinkered with. As the dust settles, only Ada – a robot that was serving the caravan – who remains. She enlists the Vault Dweller to get vengeance for her fallen cohorts.


As you follow the trail of destruction to try and find the source of the rogue robots, you get the ability to create and upgrade robots using the various pieces of scrap found in the Commonwealth, as well as loot from the various rogue robots. The amount that you can modify increases as you gain not only skills in the Robotics Expert perk, but as you progress through the quest as well.

You’re not limited to just creating androids though, as you can also create modified versions of Mr. Handy, the Sentries, and even the newly reintroduced Robobrains. These things certainly pack a punch, mostly because of their brains and the pulse that they generate, but this is the most unique of the new cast of rogues.

As for how they act, it’s pretty much the same as your standard companions. The only real difference is that the ones you build from scratch don’t have an opinion of you and instead of Stimpacks to heal them from “death” you use Robot Repair Kits instead. In the DLC missions at least, these are plentiful, so you won’t need to purchase a load more. Your mileage does depend on what modifications you give them, such as tracks to make them move faster. You can even have a giant death machine with rocket launchers and sentry legs, though you may find that they find it taxing to fit through small gaps.


When you do eventually find the cause of the robots and stop them, you get a bunch more options when customising robots. Robots will appear throughout the Commonwealth, usually comprising of random quests not too different to the infamous endless Minutemen quests. As such, it does feel a little bit underwhelming that the main quest only takes a couple of hours to complete.

Other than robot building, a plethora of new items, and one relatively longish quest string, there isn’t really too much else to the Automatron DLC. That’s rather fitting, as it is essentially a budget piece of DLC where we weren’t expecting much outside of making robots, but some fans may feel this is not worth the trouble. You do get the ability to make many robots though, expanding the number of companions with near limitless potential. If all of this sounds like it appeals to you, or if you already bought the Season Pass while it was at the lower rate, Fallout 4: The Automatron is a neat little extra.



  1. I found it quite amusing converting Codsworth from a Mr Handy model to an Assaultron with nail guns :)

  2. This is me being very petty but Fallout 4’s PC is not called the Vault Dweller. They are the survivor. The Vault Dweller was the name of the first PC in Fallout 1.

    Yeah, I am that petty to comment about an easy mistake if one is not familiar with all of the franchise.

    No, i’m not one of those fans who look down on those who liked 3. And no, i’m not an elitist. Goddamn Fallout fans and their split fanbase making me have to mention this.

    As for the DLC, i think Bethesda is doing 2 crafting DLC, One story and then calling it a day.

    That said, when i do get me hands on a PS4 and at this fecking rate, that will be in 2093 because the gods of jobs hate my guts and refuse to let me have any luck whatsoever thus no PS4, Fallout will be in my get when the complete edition is out.

    Then create a lot of robots and somehow sneak in the Terminator theme song.

    Wait, the PS4 can’t do that? Oh for fock’s sake, Sony! The one time that the Terminator theme song could be played in a game without it being out of context and it is unable to do so? GODDAMNIT!

  3. I was a bit annoyed cos Kotaku said there was a part where The Mechanist explained his motivation etc, but I must have done something wrong because she attacked me as soon as it seemed I had persuaded him to talk to me – so annoying! I also thought it was a bit of a shame that you had to fight her no matter what.

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