Borderlands 3 Confirmed To Be In Development

At PAX East Gearbox Software held a conference which mainly focuses on the studio and its upcoming release, Battleborn. At the 1h:18m mark in the recording a new subject is spoken about, with Gearbox confirming that Borderlands 3 is in development. It is early days yet with art and story still being decided on, which means the game is years away from actually being released.

It isn’t a huge shock that Borderlands 3 is in Gearbox’s plans considering how successful the IP has been. Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Pre-Sequel have all done well, while a collaboration with Telltale led to Tales From The Borderlands. That is considered one of the best series to come from the studio in recent times.

Source: Twitch via NeoGAF

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  1. I’d like it to have a more realistic art style.

    • No! It wouldn’t be Borderlands if they did that.

      • I didn’t say change it completely! It just needs revamping, imo. Less cartoony, but still looking hand drawn. Use the PS4’s power to make everything more detailed. Having played (and enjoyed) the other Borderlands games, this one needs to more than just more of the same.

      • Kinda hard for it to not look cartoony due to the nature of the art style. No doubt, the PS4 and X1 will make it sharper but to make it less cartoony, they kinda would have to getrid of the style.

    • The Cell shaded art style is part of the series’s id. If they removed it, it would be like taking Drake out of Uncharted. It would be like Halo without Master Chief. It would be like removing Han Solo from Star Wars, it would be like removing the toppings from a pizza. It would be like TSA without the TSA. It would be like coke without the fizziness.

      • Spoiler alert, they did! To one of those anyway :)

      • Halo replaced the Chief with the Coke!? No wonder Halo 5 is said to be a weak entry into the franchise!

  2. And this news surprises nobody.

    PS the self-starting video is pretty annoying

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