Someone Has Tea Leafed A Load Of Nintendo Games Again

It’s a case of history repeating for Nintendo as once again someone has stolen a load of games that were in transit to stores. The first occurrence of this ungentlemanly behaviour happened eleven months ago when someone stole the entire launch stock for Splatoon that was on the way to GAME.

Exactly which titles have been stolen has not been revealed, with Northants Police simply stating that “Thousands of pound worth of Nintendo games were stolen by thieves, from a lorry that was parked overnight at the services at Thrapston on the A14.”


It appears that whilst the driver took a nap between 9pm on 13th April and 7am on 14th April, thieves cut through the side of the lorry and made away with the Nintendo bounty.

Anyone with information can contact Northamptonshire police on 101. Alternatively, they can call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Source: Northants Police


  1. Yeah, maybe they’ll want to use a metal truck next time, instead of thin plastic.

    Still, it’s unfortunate and I hope the thieves are swiftly caught.

  2. Nintendo, use metal lorries from now on or fire the company that is handling your distrubtion in the UK. This has happened twice and it does seem rather dodgy that both times, the thieves knew when and where to target it. Could have been an inside job.

    Plus, that ain’t how you steal stuff from nintenod. You need a red hat, blue overalls, red shirt and a mustache, mushrooms, turtles, a starfox, a Triforce, a big fat pink thing and some jolly ol’ 8 bit music. :P

  3. Or use wooden sided lorries (as costs are always an issue). Impossible to cut through wood without making a noise.

    • Not if they use the silent power up.

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