Next Call Of Duty Allegedly Called Infinite Warfare

An alleged listing briefly appeared on the NA PSN store earlier today which may have outed the next Call Of Duty, which could be called Infinite Warfare. The listing seems to have been removed rather quickly however as after searching I couldn’t see the listing for it on either the NA or EU PSN store. If this is Infinity Ward’s next CoD then it does sound like the future is still the setting.



We are due a new Call Of Duty reveal so we’ll know the truth soon enough. I wonder why Infinity Ward just don’t go with Infinity Warfare, though that would probably make people think of a remastered collection of a certain batch of games made by the developer.

Source: CharlieIntel



  1. So they’re still set in the future? Urgh!

  2. Because it never ends.

  3. What a crap name. “Infinite Warfare” That sounds like a crappy mobile game(By that, i mean a game that is crappy that happens to be on the mobile platform).

    Still not learning, huh? Give the franchise a rest for at least 5 years. People are just losing interest in it even the die hard fanboys are starting to get a bit bored.

  4. Infinite boredom.

  5. Balls, I was looking forwards to Ghosts 2.

  6. Couldn’t possibly be a placeholder title either… Infinite Warfare just sounds too close to Infinity Ward to me.

  7. I wonder how far into the future they will go before they go back to historical or present settings.

  8. According to Eurogamer, it’s a Modern Warfare remaster.

    But why Infinite Warfare? That is a crap name. It’s er… no.

    • Looks like it has a Remastered COD4 bundled with it… If there’s a playable COD4 on-line multiplayer it would be worth the entrance fee imho…

      • It’s no surprise to be honest, if they do confirm it. COD4 seems to be remembered fondly and well, if they have no plans for COD this year, it’s perfect for them to remaster it to avoid not releasing a game this year. Still, they need to give the franchise a rest and if it is a COD in space game and COD4 being remastered is under a seperate name, they have hit the 80s “Erm… we’re out of ideas, let’s go to space” barrier. Many enter that, few return.

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