Latest Call Of Duty Teaser Introduces The Settlement Defense Front

The last week has seen a few rumours regarding the next Call Of Duty, which is apparently named Inifinite Warfare. Other rumours and images point to it containing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered too, but exclusive to a Legacy Edition. During the week the only real tease coming from developer Infinity Ward was a tweet with the words “Stay Frosty.”

Now we have a teaser trailer that introduces the Settlement Defense Front, who “are your enemy.”


This isn’t the only thing that has appeared today regarding the next Call Of Duty. A Twitch livestream is playing this video over and over, with the image of a helmeted skull. That same image is spliced through the Know Your Enemy footage.

Source: Youtube



  1. Settlements, huh?

    I would post a certain Fallout 4 meme but comments don’t allow it.

    Also, it seems to be in the future. Goddamnit, i don’t want to see that genre get flooded with FPSes! Stop ruining settings!

  2. Robocop!

  3. Far more interested in that Modern Warfare Remaster than playing another shooter set in the future.

    • take my money now! a modern warfare remaster would be right up my passage,oh and world at war..

  4. Recycling quotes from “Aliens” again, I see…

  5. Sounds a bit like the rhetoric of Visari in Killzone, or Nth Korean Kimmy-boy, or President Trump.

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