We Found It – The PlayStation 4’s Easiest Platinum Trophy

Let’s be honest, Coffin Dodgers is hardly the best kart racer on the circuit. Although there’s a certain amount of fun to be had, it’s let down by shoddy presentation and a worrying lack of content. Unfortunately, if there’s one thing Milky Tea’s console debut will be remembered for, it’s having what we think is the easiest platinum trophy yet on PlayStation 4.

If you’ve been in the trophy hunting game as long as some of us have then, chances are, you have one or two bits of silverware you’d rather keep a secret. From the infamous Hannah Montana tie-in to a plethora of lowkey indie games, there are plenty out there in the wild. Coffin Dodgers is the latest in a long line. Although we rarely comment on trophies and achievements here at TheSixthAxis, this is one we couldn’t just fly under the radar. Despite there being no official record, we’re adamant that this is the easiest platinum in current circulation.

Depending on who you ask, that accolade has been shared between a variety of games over the years, including Telltale’s recent spate of hits, which award platinum trophies just for completing the game. What makes Coffin Dodgers so distinct, however, is the speed at which players can rev their mobility scooters from zero to one hundred percent. Turns out it only takes ninety minutes, or two hours at a push.



Without turning this into a full-on trophy guide, here’s a quick roadmap. To get the quickest possible completion time, you need to blitz through the game’s story mode twice. There are thirteen tracks in total and each race lasting no longer than three or four minutes. During that first runthrough, you only need enough points to put you at the top of the table.

Having picked up a fair number of coins, pouring these into your scooter’s handling and speed will make you nigh on unstoppable as you dive in for a second run. Having also selected the Grim Reaper, story mode will be much easier, allowing you to earn a gold medal in each and every race.

From there, all that’s left is a spot of cleaning up. Sifting through the remaining trophies, you’ll find that most are tied to specific weapons or other miscellaneous actions. Farming via splitscreen will help speed up this step, though playing single races isn’t much trickier.

Chances are, your final trophy will have you grinding that last bit of XP, giving you enough coins to unlock every mobility scooter upgrade. By opting not to buy paint jobs and other cosmetic tweaks, you can get there even quicker.

All it took was one rainy morning and a shred of persistence for the platinum trophy to pop. As much as we love stocking our imaginary prize cabinets, it wasn’t enough to save Coffin Dodgers from a poor review. That said, if you’re a particularly fervent trophy hunter, playing bad games is all part of the job…



  1. I’m sad to say that there was once a day where this article would have persuaded me to go and buy this. No longer, thankfully.

    Oh and your link isn’t taking you to the review. Thought you’d want to know.

  2. Well that’s it. I’m purchasing this ;-)

  3. Nubla is still the quickest Plat available for PS4. (I did it in 46 minutes)

    • Nubla may be a tad quicker though the presence of collectibles means that some players may need to fish out a guide to get a platinum.

  4. I am a man of pride, I will wait until it’s on sale.

    • Hahaha brilliant comment!

      Made me think though, possibly a PS+ future title.

  5. I don’t have a single plat, I got close with Assassin’s Creed 2 but my save corrupted before I got the last few collectibles. I only go after the trophies if I’ve finished the game and really want to play more, I don’t see much of a point otherwise. Unfortunately the only games that has happened with have all had some solid trophies!

    • I have a few, including all three Uncharteds because I love those games and the trophies are a sensible challenge/reward.

  6. Purchasing the game seems like the biggest obstacle to getting the platinum.

  7. Good god this game sucks.

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