[UPDATE] Disney Infinity Has Been Cancelled, Avalanche Software To Close

Disney have ended their involvement in the video game business and cancelled the Disney Infinity line at the rather considerable cost of $147 million. The news has was revealed during their financials, which you can see below.

Disney have had a troubled time with software and have pulled out from video games before. Whilst Infinity was a success at first it has seen sales drop off as the Toys-To-Life market became saturated with Skylanders, LEGO and amiibos, the characters for which are all rather expensive. Disney recently pulled out of E3 as they had no plans for a new Infinity game this year, and now we know why.


This doesn’t mean the end for games based on Disney franchises as many of them have been, and will continue to be, licensed out.

UPDATE: Disney have closed developers Avalanche Software – not to be confused with Just Cause developers Avalanche Studios – with the loss of 300 jobs.

Infinity toys for Alice Through the Looking Glass and Finding Dory will make it to the shops but they will be the last batch, the Star Wars: Rogue One set which was in production will now not be released.

Source: Disney / Twitter / GIBiz

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  1. So, in March they say they will support Disney Infinity through 2016, and now it’s cancelled? Wonder how long they will keep the toy box servers online after this.

  2. does that mean the toys will become more expensive or less?

    because i still want to get that Quorra figure.

    kinda sucks for anybody who just bought the game.

    though i have been seeing the starter packs being sold off for like 20 quid, brand new, maybe the retailers knew something nobody else did.

  3. Wow, that’s a hell of a cost. It always amazes me that such huge sums of money are thrown away cancelling a game rather than putting in a bit more to finish them off and recouping some from sales. Good to hear that the licenses aren’t being affected, more cancelled Star Wars games would be very sad news.

  4. But it’s already out. How can a game be cancelled if it’s been out for years? Unless they mean no more support and updates.

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