Civilization VI Announced, Coming To PC On October 21st

Sid Meier’s enduring turn based 4X strategy series is coming back down to Earth, with Civilization VI announced for release on PC on October 21st this year.

Of course, with 25 years and six games in the series – not counting offshoots like Alpha Centauri and Civilization: Beyond Earth that took the game off to colonise alien planets, or the games on console – you have to wonder what else it can bring to the table beyond just looking really, really pretty.

It promises more expansive empires, with cities that span multiple tiles, active research to let you avance more quickly and more dynamic diplomacy with evolving interactions with other civilizations. And when diplomacy breaks down, the “one unit per tile” design has been shifted so that units can be embedded with others, letting you add anti-tank support to your infantry – give those spearmen a fighting chance, why don’t you? – or combining multiples of the same unit to form a corps.

Multiplayer is also being overhauled, so that the traditional multiplayer modes are joined by new cooperative and competitive situations that can be completed in a single session.

Expect to see an awful lot more about Civ VI this time next month at E3.

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  1. Coming April 21st 2017

  2. Is that Sean Bean’s voice I hear in the trailer? + Adagio In D Minor from the movie Sunshine – great movie!

    Wish this was coming to PS4. Why do they not port these games to PS4? Is it because they isn’t a large enough audience for them or becuase the hardware isn’t powerful enough to run them? Maybe one day…

    • Yep, it’s a different version of Adagio in D Minor to the one used in Sunshine. Which is an absolutely gorgeous little bit of music. Proof of how good it is lies in the fact that Bear McCreary decided it should be in an episode of The Walking Dead.

      There was also a version used in Kick Ass.

      As for Sean Bean, well, the internet already seems pretty convinced it’s him. But with the game 5 months away, it’s almost guaranteed they’ll have killed him by then.

      • I remember hearing it in TWD – it’s a great piece.

        I like most of Bear McCreary’s work. His soundtrack for Dark Void is still one of my favourites.

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