It Looks Like The PS4K Neo Will Be Out By October

We’ve been hearing numerous whispers about the release date for the PS4K Neo (or whatever it will eventually be called) and all of them point to it being on the shelves at the same time as the PlayStation VR.

The latest rumblings come from French retailer Innelec Multimedia who released the following statement (translated from the original French language version):

2016-2017 The current year should be marked for the video game world by the arrival, in the first half of our fiscal year, an evolution of the Sony PS4 console with the Neo 4K with new features and that the placing on the market in October 2016 virtual reality helmet Sony VR.

The company has since completely retracted the statement (although the press release is still available on multiple sites), saying that they have absolutely no idea what a PS4K is and when it will be out.

Nope, never heard of it. PlayStation Meow? That it? Je ne sais pas Monsieur!

Whilst we’re talking about the 4K there’s another idea doing the rounds; The current dev kits do not have the 4K blu-ray drive which is rather odd, Sony are creating a 4K machine that can’t play 4K movies. However, the current thinking is the specs for the dev kits don’t have the drive because it doesn’t need it – all PS Neo games have to fit on a standard blu-ray, so why bother shipping dev kits with a drive that won’t be used? The chances are that the final retail version will have a 4K blu-ray drive, Sony are just keeping costs down on dev kits.

The Neo will (allegedly) have the same 8 Jaguar Core CPU as the PlayStation 4 but running at 2.1 GHz rather than the PS4’s 1.6GHz, whilst the GPU gets an upgrade to an improved AMD GCN, 36 CUs at 911 MHz.  All games will be required to run in a ‘base’ mode, which is for all current PlayStation 4s, and a ‘Neo’ mode, which will give better resolution and better frame rates. We’re expecting Sony to officially unveil it at E3 in about a month’s time.


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  1. I really love my metal gear edition PS4, I will be sad when I have to sell it cause I just gotta have new toys

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how many games will have a Neo mode.

    And if it’ll run games better even in the base mode. Because unless they actively downclock the CPU, RAM and limit the GPU, it should perform better (framerate/loading) in all cases. Unfortunately, I’m expecting Sony to implement such restrictions.

    • Well if the terminology used previously suggests anything, then all games past a certain development cut-off time will have to have a neo mode. Whether there’ll be much disparity who knows, but Sony may want to encourage developers, especially first-party, to maximise neo mode for the sake of pushing the console to as many potential customers.

  3. If it comes with a 4K Blu ray… I’d be interested (I can always put the current PS4 upstairs in the bedroom). Other than that, I’m not sure I see the point.

  4. I hope they do something about the fan noise. My neighbors must have wondered why I was vaccuming for five hours straight on Saturday playing Uncharted 4.

    • That didnt come out as I intended. I really love the game but not that much…

    • My PS4 had been sounding like a jet taking off for some time. Last week I fixed it by opening up the case, cleaning the dust off the fan with a can of compressed air, cleaning all the dust off the heatsink, which is attached to the outer casing, and generally removing as much dust as I could. The results are astonishing, it’s as quiet as a mouse now. If your PS4 is no liger in its warranty period I would suggest you do the same. There are lots of videos on YouTube, just do a search for ‘PS4 noisy fan fix’.

      • I’ve had similar troubles, our living room is incredibly dusty and the laminate floor just manufactures the stuff while the PS4 tractor beams it’s all in! I tried hoovering it out in October and it was a magic solution but very short lived, by Christmas it was back to sounding like a jet engine.

      • But it’s easy and quick enough to do on a regular basis, surely? Unless it becomes less effective the more you do it, but I can’t see why that would be the case.

      • I’ve been thinking of trading in my PS4 for a while now so I can buy a new one but the NEO announcement put a hold on that at the moment.

        You can get aprox £150 for a PS4 trade-in and most new PS4 bundles are below £300 now. If the game in the bundle is something you would have bought anyway it only works out at a little over £100 for a brand new PS4 with a new DS4 to boot. Plus you get 12 months warranty and a nice new/quiet console. I’ve only got the 500 gigga buh model and a lot of the new bundles have the 1 terra buh model.

        I will attempt your method for a quick fix for the time being though thanks.

      • You’re right it is easy enough to do regularly, but now I’ve got two tiny people that get woken up by the Hoover things like that have dropped way down the list! I just washed my car for a treat, that’s another itch scratched haha.

  5. If I want to buy a PS4 anytime soon, I think I might just wait for this one if the pricing and support is just right.

  6. Has Sony officially announced the Neo?

    • Officially with a press release and stuff – no. But behind the scenes – yes.

  7. Speaking of neo. It would be good to re do the matrix games that came out on the ps3. I always felt the games needed fat more power to run than what the ps3 could offer. Was fun game.

    • There were Matrix games on the PS3? =o

      • Yep, one of them was really good.

  8. Here’s the internal presentation with neo info that’s being distributed to developers:

    The most interesting part is that it’s not actually possible to fit 36 GPU compute units onto the silicon using the current AMD manufacturing process, pretty much confirming that the ps4 neo is going to be using AMD’s next generation Polaris architecture.
    I honestly thought this was going to be ps4 slim and not an actual hardware upgrade, I guess I have to eat my hat now.

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