EU PS Store Update: 17/05/16 – Homefront: The Revolution & Shadow Of The Beast

Chronicles from the front.

Oops! We missed posting the EU PS Store update yesterday afternoon, amidst a little excitement at getting a great bit box with HTC Vive written on it – more on that in the near future. Late though it is, here’s the list of store additions, with Homefront: The Revolution, Shadow of the Beast and Valkyria Chronicles’ PS4 remaster all popping up this week.

Incidentally, we’ll have our Homefront review posted later today.



18th May


  • Vauban Prime Access Pack
  • Vauban Prime Accessories Pack

19th May

Fallout 4

  • Far Harbor

20th May

Homefront: The Revolution

  • Expansion Pass

via EU PlayStation Blog

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