The Gran Turismo Sport Trailer Is Here

If you’re a fan of Gran Turismo or racing games in general then you may have been paying close attention to all the details for Gran Turismo Sport, which will be releasing exclusively on PS4 on November 18th. There have been pictures of the game, and a host of information released about Polyphony Digital’s latest. The main points are the 137 cars at launch and the 37 tracks across 19 locations.

But nothing beats seeing a game in action, so have a gander at the official trailer.

Source: Youtube

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  1. It does look brilliant but you come to expect that from Polyphony and there’s more cars and tracks than I thought there would be. What about the car damage system?
    Roll on 18/11

    • There wasn’t any damage that I could see. The same kind of dull thunking into the side of others…

  2. I like the photo mode in the middle of the trailer. It’s going to keep some people VERY happy for a long time.

    I think we can say that with Uncharted4 and now GT Sport that the PS4 is starting to hit its prime.

  3. What’s with the PS1 era straight line of trees in the background at 1:23? The tracks look lifeless compared to other racers out now. I know it’s all about the driving and all, but it just looks like a remastered GT6. What the hell is taking them so long each time? With the time they spend on each game you’d expect to be picking your bottom jaw up off the floor after the video. I didn’t.

    • Exactly this. +1

      • Just really don’t get why it’s getting so much praise. It doesn’t look any different, and it’s been what, 3 years since the last game? Pull your finger out, Kaz. Forza is making you look stupid.

      • Thought it was just me that thought that. I was hoping to get wowed and impressed as I did with GT PSP, GT5 Prologue, and GT5. I assumed PD would pull something out of there hats with the time they have had, especially now they don’t have to contend with developing for the cell processor.

        Inevitably I will buy and play this, as I’m a big racing game fan. I doubt I’ll buy it full price though, and I don’t expect it to last that long because of the content.

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