Everything We Know About Gran Turismo Sport, Out On November 18th In The UK

There’s a huge drop of Gran Turismo Sport details going on right now, with Kazunori Yamauchi speaking live about everything that will be in the game. Perhaps the biggest buzzphrase that will be important for fans of the series will be the notion of “maximum quality” which will permeat the game. Here’s everything we know so far.

Release Date

The game is out in November on the 15th in North America and Japan/Asia, with Europe on the 16th and the UK last, as usual, on November 18th.


Update: Sadly, there will almost certainly not be a beta test.

The Cars & Tracks

All of the cars in the game have been rebuilt from the ground up to the exacting standards that people will demand from this generation of console – all have an interior view, for example. Cars range from the absolute pinnacle of racing technology down to standard road vehicles, categorised from GR.1 down to GR.4. Each category will have a mixture of real cars and fictional cars, as seen in GT6 with GT Vision prototypes. There’s 137 of these “super premium model” cars in the game at launch.

There’s also 19 locations with 37 tracks, also all rebuilt from scratch, which includes both real and fictional locations, and with the return of dirt tracks. These include:

  • Northern Isle Speedway – the first 1/2 mile oval track to appear in GT Oval track.
  • Tokyo Express Way – based on real world roads in Tokyo
  • Brands Hatch
  • Willow Springs
  • Nurburgring Nordschliefe

Game Modes

In terms of modes, it goes well into the kinds of territory of a full, numbered Gran Turismo – Kaz has now admitted that it could easily have been called Gran Turismo 7, but it’s not, so get over it – with the traditional Arcade Mode, Campaign Mode (the rebranded GT Mode), as well as the new Sport Mode which ties into the FIA approved eSports competitions.

These modes are:

  • Arcade Mode – Single Race, Time Trial, Drift Trial, 2P Split Screen
  • Campaign Mode – 10x Beginner’s School, 35x Circuit Experience (track learning), 62x Missions, 10x Racing Etiquette lessons – 117 events in total
  • Brand Central – Car Dealership, Museum
  • Sport Mode – Main new game mode featuring Nations Cup and Manufacturer Cup
  • Social Features – Built into the game and with companion apps for both phone and tablet
  • Livery Editor – A first for Gran Turismo
  • Scapes – Insert digital cars into 1000 real world photos in the game, with up to 4K output. (Perfect for that shiny new PlayStation 4K you want to get, eh?)


Turning to the eSports side of the game, which is the new direction that Polyphony want to take with this game, it features both the Nations Cup and Manufacturers Cup, as revealed at Paris Games Week last year. Obviously you don’t get to choose you country (unless you fancy moving house), but you can choose the manufacturer that you drive for.

The aim is to really democratise the competition, with brackets to include all age ranges – from 7 to 77, Polyphony said. In addition to this, there’s to be class divisions, so that anyone and everyone can try to compete and be a winner. Of course, there is the absolute pinnacle, with trophies presented at the end of year FIA awards ceremony, but it trickles down to include everyone who wants to play online.

Whenever you play, you’re grouped into one of three time zone brackets. You have the Americas, EU, Africa and Middle East, and Asia and Oceania. In the Nations Cup, the winners from each of these region will head to a regional final, then on to the world final. The Manufacturer Cup, however, will see you compete within your own manufacturer group and time zone, with one person from each region coming to represent that brand at the final events.

So, for example, a month in the competition, the first weekend will feature events in both cups, with the race for the top spots to be commentated upon live. This is followed a fortnight later by more competitions, and surrounded by other events, such as tieing in with the Nurburgring 24h.

All of this can lead to you having a Gran Turismo Digital License as a real world license, much as you would for a real racing driver’s license. Countries signed up to this include the UK, Belgium, China, Korea, Australia and plenty more – there’s about two dozen around the world.


This one’s really quite impressive. You can take any of the 1000 real world photos from the game and insert digital cars into them, using various settings such as depth of field and aperture, as well as using numerous calculated light sources to make them look super spiffy. It’s the next generation of the photo mode from Gran Turismo 5 and 6.

Speaking of, here’s a 28 image gallery of in-game screenshots to look at.

Don’t foget there’s a live stream kicking off at 6:30PM BST, showcasing the game by way of a pre-season championship.

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  1. All looking good. I did give pause over that 137 figure though. Seems alarmingly low.

    I’m liking the new social elements they’re putting in, including that FIA digital racing license.

    I really hope that there will be some multiplayer mode though. I don’t hold much faith in the e-sports events just yet, and well, TGMEM would be nice…

  2. More e-sports nonsense, a surprisingly low number of cars, 4 different editions of the game, pre-order bonuses at “selected retailers”, and looking like a very slightly shinier version of a PS3 game?

    Not looking promising so far. Not about to write it off completely like a certain other website seems to have done already (after playing it for a whole 30 minutes!). But with so many other things I’ve not played yet or which are coming out later this year…

    • Previews have been written on less than that.

  3. Nice, all-premium cars (none of the PS2 ported models). Other games focus on quantity and apparently so do a lot of internet commenters, forgetting the details on display here. Don’t the cars look amazing? Anyway, this year, whoop!

    • Oh my days, the livery editor actually looks okay. Crazy times.

  4. I tried to stick with the stream, but it’s bored me thoroughly to be honest. Seems stretched out and rather awkward.

    • I’ve got to say I agree. I couldn’t decide which was more painful, watching the stream or watching my football team not turn up AGAIN. Sorry for the caps but this can’t justify my anger at this time.

      Although the little stream of GT:S did look good for the 10 seconds I saw

  5. I’m hoping there’s PSVR support?

    • Sorry I forgot this in above comment but “if GT:S isn’t supported by PsVR I’m out, but I’m not really convincing myself here. So I’m in (Duncan Banatyne). Damn i need to discourage myself at times…

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