Watch Tonight’s Gran Turismo Sport Live Stream Here At 6:30PM BST

There’s a lot of die hard Gran Turismo fans out there, even with the sporadic nature of their releases over the past decade. It’s alright, you don’t need to keep quiet and pretend you’re not eager to see Polyphony’s latest, the eSports focused Gran Turismo Sport. After the announcement trailer at Paris Games Week last year, they’re finally ready to take the covers off and show the game publicly for the first time.

We’ll have news and hands on impressions from today’s event as soon as we can, but you can also click play below and watch the stream live at 6:30PM BST, or find it on YouTube. The stream will run until 9PM, and will feature a head-to-head pre-season for the FIA Gran Turismo Championship, with racers coming from all around the world to compete in both the Nations Cup and Manufacturer Cup.

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  1. This is too exciting!

  2. Excited to see some gameplay. Not a die-hard GT fan here, just an all round racing fanatic!

    Some of the details GTPlanet are reporting on twitter are interesting. A livery editor and a car collection that is all HD with modelled interiors sounds long overdue. Not too sure about the SP content, its definitely sounding more like a smaller installment focused heavily (and I mean heavily) on e-sports. Hope that’s not the case.

  3. Has the live stream been delayed by 15 minutes? At least it’s not four years.

    • I take back all my cynicism, that’s bloody gorgeous!

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