What We Played #254: Uncharted 4, Total War: Warhammer & Doom

It’s been a busy week on my end, with a number of game events that included a first real look at the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport. It’s sure to bring GT fans a lot of what they want from a new GT game, which is basically more GT, but it’s not the series revolution that some might have been hoping for. Aside from that, I’ve spent most of my time with Total War: Warhammer, hammering my way through hordes of Orcs, undead and the legions of Chaos, on my way to reviewing the game. It’s very good, and a perfect match between two venerable franchises, with plenty of room to grow over the coming months and years.

Normally, when I write up a What We Played, Jim ends up going last, but I figure it’s about time that we shake things up. He’s been playing Uncharted 4 quite a bit, and has been diving into the multiplayer on a near daily basis. After grabbing the platinum trophy for The Witcher 3 last week, he’s been ploughing through the Hearts of Stone DLC in preparation for Blood and Wine, which is out at the end of the month. There was also the not inconsiderable matter of reviewing Homefront: The Revolution, which held promise but ultimately disappointed.

Dave‘s also busied himself with reviews, though some of these are yet to be published. He thoroughly enjoyed Doom, giving it a glowing 9/10, but has now started on the Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4… unfortunately, he says he’s “majorly messed up” and that “the outcome of it all was somewhat depressing”. Want to know what he did? You’ll find out next week.

You can find out right now what Dom thought of all things Fire Emblem, though. This morning saw the third and final review for Fire Emblem Fates, as he shared his thoughts on the Conquest side to the triple release game. That’s not all, as Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE also has plenty of Fire Emblem in it alongside Shin Megami Tensei, and he’s previewed that game.

Finally, we turn to Aran and Tuffcub. They’ve reviewed Shadwen and Shadow of the Beast, respectively, but both have also been playing Uncharted 4. It took a while to grow on Tuffcub, who dislike the start but quickly fell for it after that, while Aran is also a while a way from finishing it, but already says it’s “turning into the perfect ending to the series.”

But how about you? What have you been up to in the world of gaming this week?

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  1. I’m very jealous of you lot playing Uncharted, I’ll get there eventually! I’ve been playing a heap of Killzone Mercenary, many thanks to Del for putting the work in last night, he earned all the Vecta Quid needed to buy that tranq gun and battled a few kill stealing trump-faces to spangle me and get the second most annoying trophy out of the way! I also finished all the contracts and enjoyed getting back into the multiplayer, such a great game.

  2. Mostly just Black Ops 3. I did order Uncharted 4 but the case was damaged big time so that’s had to go back and they’d only refund, not replace – grrr. Oh well, I’ll get it eventually…

  3. Some more golf with Forrest and Pixel and more GTA online with Forrest, Pixel and heedbaw.
    Some more cosmetic item farming in Diablo.
    Lots of Binding of Isaac Afterbirth (still no word on them fixing the trophies though).
    Started the Doom campaign but haven’t played much, I’ve been spending much more time in snapmap.
    Picked up Life Goes On: Done to Death earlier, played through the first dozen or so levels so far, seems like a pretty fun puzzle platformer.

  4. Tef, I’d seriously consider editing the opening sentence “on my end” and replacing and with “for me” or similar :P
    What we played for me all of this week was the sublime Uncharted 4, just go there ;)

  5. Bought Uncharted 4 last week from Amazon for £32. Got the platinum last night and traded it in at CEX (ughhhhhh) today for £35. When does that ever happen…? Bought Disney Infinity 3.0 starter pack with the money, plus a couple of figures/playsets from Smyths Toys. The idea was to have something I could play with my Nephew… that was the idea… set it up the afternoon and had a quick go… 4 hours game-time later and Im ordering new figures on Amazon. This game is awesome. Im sure my Nephew will love it too (if I let him have a go). Shame they aren’t making any more after 3.0.

  6. Golf with Forrest and R1MJAW,played till the early hours and finnished the story for Uncharted 4 great game,doubt i’ll manage to get the platinum though looking at the trophies,a bit of Doom and quite a bit of Destiny and Battlefield and should be GTA with R1M,Forrest and Heedbaw later.

  7. I’m still savouring this bottle of fine wine that is Uncharted 4 , not even half way through the bottle yet but i have yet to return to sobriety since popping the cork! :)

  8. Uncharted 4 has finally arrived. But, unfortunately, I wasn’t really blown away by it. Yes, it looks very good, but the controls in gunfights are not as precise as I remember them from the previous games, so I’m struggling a bit with that. Something doesn’t feel quite right. The story, however, is good so far, and I’m interested which way it goes.

    Apart from that, The Division, I finally managed to get through the incursion with a good group of people, some of which had already done it. The loot is worth it, but otherwise, it was a bit disappointing, just fighting wave after wave of enemies, and no relevant story being told.
    And some quite good challenges in Driveclub, some of which I even won. :o)

    • I think there’s an aim assist option in the menus.

      • Thanks, and I’ve seen the option, but I never use these, as that’s usually not my problem. It may be just me, but I consider the aiming controls to be less precise than they were in the previous games.
        Or my controller is broken (which may actually be the case, they tend to break on me…).

  9. Drake has had my undivided attention this week.
    But sadly that roller coaster ride is over.
    Multiplayer is just not for me so its off to CEX.
    Also picked up Battlefront for the measly sum of £12.99 @ Grainger games so giving my “outer rim” some attention!

  10. Earlier this week I commented on a U4 article here on TSA, saying that I wasn’t overly impressed with the game so far…
    That was when I was on chapter10. Well, you can forget all that. Ive finished the game this afternoon and, overall, its a flipping masterpiece.
    The gameplay took a while to grow on me and the slow start put me off quite a bit, but this is a great game overall, one which has a gripping storyline, some major standout moments and, most importantly, is the type of send off the series deserves.
    Well played Naughty Dog.

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