Rocket League’s June Update Will Add Post Game Stats

Psyonix has announced that the June update for Rocket League will add post game stats, as well as the ability to jump and boost in celebration in the spotlights screen after a match. It is a cosmetic addition but livens up the post match screen a bit. The stats appear to be the real highlight addition, where what you do in a match gives you a title. RLStat

There are over twenty titles that can be earned, and a select few of them have been detailed.

  • Aggressor – Most First Touches
  • Benchwarmer – Fewest Ball Hits
  • Prodigy – Score 3 or more goals
  • Speed Demon – Most Boost Pickups
  • Traitor – Score an own goal
  • Warden – Make 3 or more saves

A solid date for the June update release is to be confirmed.

Source: Rocket League official site.

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