Amy Hennig To Recieve A Special BAFTA

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) has announced  hat it will honour video game director and script writer, Amy Hennig with a BAFTA Special Award at a ceremony on 12th June in Hollywood.

“Amy is one of the industry’s most successful and respected creative leaders, and we are thrilled to recognise her outstanding contribution through this special award – one of BAFTA’s highest accolades,” said Harvey Elliot, Chairman of BAFTA’s Games Committee. “Her work in the games industry spans nearly three decades, and throughout this illustrious career she has championed the importance of a game’s script, with this creative vision pervading all her work. We look forward to celebrating this much-deserved award with her on 12 June.”


Amy’s career has spanned nearly three decades with work on the Uncharted series, Soul Reaver / Legacy of Kain, and is currently working on a top secret Star Wars project for EA.

Source: BAFTA

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  1. Excellent stuff, quite an honour indeed. Looking forward to that next Star Wars project.

  2. Amy best pray that EA don’t alter her deal.

    What? It’s Star Wars and EA is often regarded as the gaming version of the Imperial Empire. Fine, i won’t make that joke again. Stupid TSAers and their silent judgements of judging.

    I will admit, when i read the title, i went “who?” but i don’t really pay attention to credits in games. Most, tend to be boring or the perfect time to put on a cuppa. But it is good to see someone getting recongised for their work. Now, if only David Hayter could get an award for his 2 decade tenture as Solid and Naked Snake from Konami?

    I do hope that the minoirty of grade A ***** won’t attack her or threaten to do really shitty things to her because she is a woman. That minority tends to attack any female developer or anyone involved with gaming. I hate that minority. And no, i am not Trump. I merely hate that ***** minority that puts all of us in a bad light.

  3. Well deserved, she’s had a long and distinguished career.

  4. Outstanding work and well deserved!

  5. Good for her. And good on the BAFTAs for acknowledging her incredible contribution to the industry and her many accomplishments over the years.

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