Watch The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan Launch Trailer

The heroes in a half shelf have landed on consoles and PC this week and Activision have spewed out a launch trailer to make you all excited. Reviews are very thin on the ground, Metacritic has just one which gives the game 65/100, but most of the user reviews are positive although a couple mention that the game is very short. Edit: Just been told we’ve got a code so expect a review by the end of the week – yay!


In related news, Activision may have dropped Transformers from their roster. CEO of Hasbro, Brian Goldner, spoke at the J. P. Morgan Conference yesterday stating that video games based on the successful robot franchise were “historically produced by Activision.”

No mention was made of any future games, and the use of the word historically does seem to suggest Activision may have dropped Optimus and chums.

Source: TFW2005 / YouTube

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  1. I read somewhere else that TMNT-MIM was around 3 hours maybe a little more in length. Which for the price tag it quite ridiculous. I was going to buy until I read the length so I’m gonna wait i think.

  2. Short in length is not a problem, I’m actually glad for that (kind of sick for all those 15-30 hours to beat games). What really left me underwhelmed is that the game lacks local co-op, which is, quite frankly, a huge flaw. Activision claims it was to avoid supporting a split screen mode, which sounds BS to me, as the game really don’t need split screen for that. Not to mention that my SNES could handle local co-op on TMNT just fine. Sounds more like they wanted to milk some more money out of people buying multiple copies to play online, which is unlikely to happen at this point.

  3. Can’t wait to play this on Friday. I don’t care how mediocre it may be. It’s Turtles!

  4. You do have a good point Paulo. Sometimes over-lenthy games can be bit of a bore depending on the game. But 3 hours it’s too short. 5 hours fair enough. I will wait for the review before I buy on this occasion.

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