Dragon Quest Builders Heads West This October

Dragon Quest turns 30 this year, and where you might expect a developer and publisher to indulge in a little navel-gazing with remakes and anniversary editions – to be fair, there’s plenty of that too – Square Enix are doing something quite a bit different. Dragon Quest Builders blends the popular Japanese RPG series with a little bit of Minecraft’s sensibilities, and after a Japanese release in January, it’s coming to the rest of the world in October on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

You’ve been tasked with rebuilding the shattered world of Alefgard, after it was destroyed the Dragonlord and the hero he tricked into joining the side of evil. Humankind lost the ability to build stuff in the process, but now you hold the mystical power to create and build once more, giving the towns and cities new life from their ruins.

It’s a sandbox building game, but combines this with a Dragon Quest story and plenty of battling familiar monsters along the way. Of course, there’s still a Dragonlord out there for you to defeat!

It’s not the only new Dragon Quest game planned for this year, but Dragon Quest XI is only set for release this year in Japan. Fans in Europe will likely have to wait until the 31st anniversary to get their hands on a new game in the main series.

Source: press release

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  1. Yay! Was hoping this would come over :D

  2. i played a bit of the Japanese demo, it was kinda hard to figure out what was what, but i got into the game and even completed a few of the tutorial quests, thankfully it’s pretty icon based so i was just about able to follow it.

    and you know what, i really enjoyed it, the mixture of a Minecraft style sandbox with some actual goals to make the game a little less aimless.

    Minecraft could do with some sort of quest system, for survival mode at least, on PC mods can provide that, but on console, that’s not an option.

    this is definitely on my must buy list.

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