Dragon Quest Builders is coming to Steam on February 13th

Dragon Quest Builders, which originally released in 2016, is coming to PC on February 13th, Square Enix has confirmed. The game will be available exclusively through Steam, and completes the franchises presence on the platform. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is already available on PC, with those who own it available to get the original at a discount.

The PC release of Dragon Quest Builders will include the Terra Incognita DLC as part of the package, as well as the updates that were added to previous versions of the game. That includes the Big Bash that was first introduced in Dragon Quest Builders 2, allowing players to destroy all objects within a certain range. The release will also include sets like the Astronomy set and the Boss Monster Model Set.

Dragon Quest Builders Review

In our Dragon Quest Builders review, Dave wrote, “Obviously the appeal of Dragon Quest Builders is the universe it’s set in, but there’s also the appeal for younger audiences who will find the guided nature of this sandbox JRPG an inviting and accessible proposition. It’s far from perfect, but it’s a good effort and another potentially successful spin-off.”

Source: Press Release

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