F1 2016 Brings Back A 10 Year Career And Safety Car This Summer

I’ve been wondering when we’d hear word of Codemasters’ latest F1 game, and finally we have, with the welcome return of a number of features that were missing from F1 2015. That game was very much a foundational release, as Codies finally brought the series to the current generation of consoles for the first time, but there were a number of notable omissions.

Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC some time this summer – you’d have to put money on it appearing around the British Grand Prix – it sees the return of a career mode, with up to 10 years of racing to your career. The actual racing will feature the Safety Car once more, as well as an implementation of the Virtual Safety Car, and this year’s race calendar will be represented in full, with the new street circuit in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Lee Mather, Principal Games Designer at Codemasters says that these alongside “a number of other unannounced improvements means that F1 2016 will have more new features than any other year of the franchise.”

The real questions are whether or not they’ve been able to fix the game’s shaky netcode from last year, and why all of the drivers on the front cover have such cold, dead eyes…


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  1. I really hope they add VR support. It’s incredibly effective in the likes of pcars and assetta corsa and would be amazing in F1!

    • Fingers crossed for PSVR support.
      Glad to see there’s more features than last years game.

  2. It’s worth looking over on the Codemasters blog here for more details:


    Having read the post, I can’t help but be excited by the game. It sounds like they’ve gone overtime on the depth, and I absolutely love some of the stuff they’re putting in like an R&D points based system for car upgrades, time of day editor, helmet/avatar customisation (although I expect it might be limited).

  3. There used to be a feature where you could improve your car, and I always wanted my teammate to be racing futher up the grid but they never did, i think it was a fake upgrade…

  4. I think it was 2012 where each season teams would change performance slightly but it felt quite formulaic because one of Lotus, HRT or Virgin would be midfield, a midfield would join the “new teams” and a top team would drop to mid/vice versa. It never did feel like a system based on results nor did it show progression over a season – so yes I really hope that kinda thing comes in too. I am mega excited. 15 was light content wise but I have absolutely loved playing it.

  5. What I want to know is about the aliens masquerading as racing drivers on the box art.

  6. Skipped 15 knowing 16 would be much beefier. It was free at least on steam for the weekend and I thought the racing was pretty good. Pity it felt so barebones.

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