Moon Hunters Heads To PS4 On July 12th

Kitfox Games has confirmed that it will be releasing it’s party based RPG Moon Hunters on July 12th for PS4, though have not spoken about a date for the Vita version that was announced in 2014. That is if it still exists. Moon Hunters’ plot is about the moon failing to rise, which gives way to monsters stalking the land. The main focus though are the legends your actions create.


The game supports up to four players with each game session lasting around 45 minutes, but the actions that occur in each playthrough carry over to the next. This system allows for stories and legends to take hold, with different factions reacting differently to what the narrative becomes. There are over a hundred procedurally generated areas, with each containing something that could add to the legend. The story is non linear too, reacting to player actions.

Moon Hunters is already out on PC and is priced at £9.99, so I’d expect a similar price on the PS4.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Love that music! As well as the idea of building lore and legends.

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