Moon Hunters Releases August 30th On PS4 For Europe, Vita Version Cancelled

Kitfox Games has confirmed that its RPG Moon Hunters will be released on August 30th for PS4 in Europe, and this version will include a patch that was released for the North American edition. This patch has been made to address issues with map sky rendering, the Cooking 101 trophy, and will include other fixes. Kitfox has also confirmed that the Vita version has been cancelled as to get the game to run on the machine would sacrifice performance.

On the issue of refunds the studio issued the following statement:


If you would like any other key, we will immediately give you one of that platform. If the only key you ever wanted was a PSVita key, we may even be able to find 2 keys for you, to make sure you can play with a friend, which helps take out more of the sting.

We deeply appreciate your patience and we know we have broken your trust. If you wish, we will be able to refund the $15 CAD of the game key value itself — as we delivered on all of the other rewards, we will not refund anything remaining from your pledge. However, the CAD has fallen in worth compared to the USD, so those of you internationally may find that taking the platform key and reselling it (alas) could be more profitable.

When Moon Hunters’s Kickstarter went live the Vita was one of the promised platforms. The Kickstarter campaign managed to raise $178,986 CAD from 6044 backers.

Source: Kickstarter

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  1. That has to be one of the worst statements issued for quite a while. That’s not even accounting for the horrendous approach to refunds.

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