Gran Turismo Sport Will Not Have Dynamic Weather And Time

Dynamic time and weather is something that quite a few games in the racing genre aim to have included, but Kazunori Yamauchi has stated that neither of these will be present within Gran Turismo Sport. The confirmation regarding the lack of the dynamic features comes from an interview GTPlanet conducted with the developer, where he stated this decision was made to favour framerate and quality.

“We opted to not have the transitions in the race this time in order to raise the framerate and the quality of the image *during* the race. So the user will be able to set that before they enter the race. So you’ll still be able to have night races, morning, races at dawn, dusk, and so on.”

You can read about what will be featured in Gran Turismo Sport here. You can also check out Stefan’s preview of the latest game in the iconic series.

Source: GTPlanet

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  1. *sigh*

  2. This guy pays too much attention to visuals rather than gameplay. I bet the PS4 could make the game still look good with the cycles in! Or would we have to wait for PS4.5 for that :P

  3. Massive fail. I can’t even.

    As a former fan of GT, this was one of the distinguishing differences that made it amazing. Now?

    Well, with PCars, Assetta Corsa and soon Dirt Rally supporting Oculus on PC (and looking amazing), and the news that Forza is probably coming to PC from now on… GT might be on its last legs for me.

  4. That’s a shame as it is a great way of making the races more interesting.

  5. I wonder if it’ll be a feature in GT7, or Forza 7 for that matter. Perhaps Neo/Scorpio exclusive?

  6. The real racing simulator, weather permitting.

    • Due to leaves on the track, the Real Racing Replacement Bus service will be released at some point.

  7. Lame. GT5 was the last one for me, and it’s likely it stays that way. If I didn’t know otherwise, I’d say they decided they don’t need to make an effort, but the Japanese usually work like mad, I just wonder on what.

  8. It’s the fecking PS4. You have 8gb of RAM to work with and yet, you can’t get it to work without the framerate throwing up? Open world RPGs, that have a lot of things that could go wrong and have to remember a lot of stuff manage to do it fine. Most of the time. Yet a car racing sim or a car sim can’t?

    It’s a fecking car sim or car racing sim! Chances are, no-one will kick up a massive fuss if the gearnob isn’t 100% photorealistic or the wing mirror has in game dead flies because you are too lazy to wash it or a scratch by a key or the ability to insult people who cross the road and dare to walk a few seconds slower.

    There is/was a reason people brought GT and graphic is not one of them. It is just an additional thing.

    • Yeah I’ve been racking my head over what is actually going on with GT and the PS4. They should have plenty to work with, and other devs seem to be getting along just fine. I do understand that they may need to aim for a consistent framerate for VR, but other racing games are managing 60FPS and looking better just fine.

      • Even the PS2 could handle it and it was rather weak on the hardware side. If i recall correctly. GTA:SA may have ran like it was at risk of causing the PS2 to break down at any given notice and struggled to load textures at time but it managed dyanamic weather and time. Yet, PS4 GT can’t?

        That is a good point about VR but it kinda isn’t the best game for it. I mean, apart from sticking it in first person view and gimmicky controls, it’ll just a bit pointless. And well, i doubt VR is anywhere near ready for Multiplayer.

        Surely, they can get it to run at 60FPS with toning down a bit of the graphics. Not like they have to work with less then a modern caculator’s RAM. Hell, they even managed to do that with the PS3, i think. The freaking PS3! The often regarded as a powerful but pain in the arse to code for and less RAM then most phones console. Yet, the more powerful PS4? No, they can’t.

        This is going to be a repeat of GT5 isn’t it? Where it keeps getting delayed because the wing mirror needs more lense glare. Where the seats must show every bit of stitching if leather until Sony gets fed up and forces them to get it done.

      • I think they’ll get GT Sport released alright, but GT7 might be a long wait. I do wonder if Sony forced their hand with Sport, as it all sounds a bit dodgy.

        You’ve summed it up pretty well though, changing conditions is more than possible on PS4. Between this and the fact that only half the Vision GT cars will included, GT Academy being on hiatus, and there not being that many visible improvements to things like AI, yep I’m still wondering where all that time has gone too. Then there’s the dodgy goings on like GTPlanet being able to post exclusive Sport videos only for PD to request they be deleted.

        I haven’t actually read anything from a reliable source on this, but some people are saying it’s a new engine built from the ground up. It’s hard to believe given how close it looks to refitted GT6, from the UI to the rendering techniques, but if true it would explain where the time has gone to. They may have suffered fallout from extensively developing an engine built for cell.

  9. Project Cars can handle an all manner of weathers situations, and different time cycles and progression at different speed options. Hits 1080p 60fps unless you’ve maxed out the car count.

    I have to say I’m underwhelmed by GT sport so far.

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