E3 Category Suggests Microsoft Are Joining The VR Race

NeoGaffers have spotted that a new category has been created for developers who are attending E3 this year, and that category is named “Virtual Reality > Xbox One”.

So far four companies are listed and they are Rebellion, Maximum Games, 3DRudder, and Readily Information Company. The listing for Rebellion is intriguing as ARSTechnica are reporting that for Xbox specifically, “a well-known European studio is planning a new VR game set in the universe of an established, long-running franchise.”

Maybe a VR version of Sniper Elite, or it’s zombie spin off? Rebellion are already well established in the VR field with Battlezone already out on PC and coming to PlayStation 4 at launch.

The rumours also tie in with the suggestion of the new Xbox Scorpio, a boosted Xbox One that is said to support Oculus Rift. E3 is less than two weeks away and we expect more information then.

Source: NeoGAF / ARSTechnica

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  1. They’re a wee bit late getting on the VR bandwagon but there will be a lot of Xbox owners happy after reading this.

    • Happy until they discover they need to buy a new console and the VR headset. Because it does kind of sound like they might just be adding Oculus Rift support and quite possibly only going to be any good with the rumoured “Scorpio”.

      Maybe that’ll just annoy enough people and this whole VR nonsense will be revealed to be a big pile of expensive silliness. Rather than everyone getting all moist at the slightest mention of it.

  2. I really can’t see this lasting long, just like 3D a few years ago this will be dead in another 18-24 months then it’s onto the next thing. Hardly worth getting involved in.

  3. Guess they realised that holo thing was just AR that no one wants. Imagine trying to find the perfect light for it to work. But good on them, it’s not too late to join the VR joke

    • I’m not sure hololens was built to commercially compete with anything at the moment. It’s just getting used as a business and development product at the moment.

  4. Scorpio now makes a lot of sense.

    After the consumer knock down of not wanting Kinect as standard with XB1, MS were never going to be 1st to jump in with VR.

    having seen Pre-order sales for PS4 VR and fact you need more powerful hardware to pull it off, cue Neo, MS are going with a later launch so this time they can use Sony’s approach this generation and boast the most powerful console hardware.

    Payback for the 1080P Vs 900P arms race fiasco so far.

    As a PS2 and PS3 owner, Eye Toy never interested me,nor did Move and i’ve seen friends units gather dust, along side Kinect on 360, which again I was never sold on.

    I now own a 3D TV, never use the 3D aspect of it…

    I was an Atari Jaguar owner and Sega Megadrive owner, VR headsets unveiled for both, technology has improved, but my interest remains unchanged.

    I hope both Scorpio and Neo go sane way as Move, Kinect and Eyetoy and message is finally understood by industry…

    Give us ground breaking new games, not gimmicks running shallow, gimmicky games that no one will care about in years to come.

    • You’d think by now they’d realise gamers are happy with a simple control pad and nothing else.

    • Well if you had actually played Missile command VR on the Jaguar you might have been persuaded it was the future. I haven’t tried a PSVR, but I’m sure it will be much lighter than the Jaguar VR was. Right back to Xenon 2 on my Jaguar ;)

      • There was a tiny flaw with the Jaguar. It kinda worked when it felt like working and that was one moody console that refused to do it’s job. That and it looked liked a toilet.

  5. I thought they were going to be sensible and stay out of the vr shenanigans, aside from the oculus compatibility (that’s not proper vr anyway). Hopefully they don’t go all out with this. It’ll ultimately fail like all the other vr’s.

  6. I was going to pick up the psvr later this year but not if I have to buy another ps4 or ps4 neo to play it on, I think both Sony and Microsoft will have to offer massive trade in discounts to existing customers if they hope to entice people to pick up these new machines

  7. :-) I had already bought a Jaguar thinking it had a bright future ahead of it and this despite earlier being a Lynx owner…

    No matter how good Missile Command might of been via the headset, it was clear the future lay with likes of Sony etc who had the hardware, the marketing and the resources to make it all work.

    Back then there were rumours of 3DO
    doing a VR headset and Bullfrog were supposed to be bringing Magic Carpet as 1 of the 1st games to support it etc.

    The Jaguar VR tech ended up being used on PC headsets and slammed, so
    no, so far I’ve not seen any evidence to suggest VR is the future for home gaming.

    What works as a novelty doesn’t seem to work well for the type of games I like.

  8. Also, regarding Jaguar VR and a future…

    Other than Missile Command there were what? 2 other titles being worked on? Exorex (a mech game) and Zone Hunter which had started out as an exploring type game before it changed to a Doom style affair.

    Any hardware needs flagship exclusives to really justify it and so far I’ve seen nothing on PS VR so there’s an opportunity for MS to get 1 over on Sony with not only more powerful hardware, but killer app software to go with it.

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