Open Beta For The Tomorrow Children Taking Place This Weekend

Q-Games has announced that an open beta will take place for The Tomorrow Children this weekend, starting from 9am BST on Friday June 6th until 9am BST Monday June 6th. The client for the beta is available to download already, weighing in at 2.9GB, so you can gain access to The Tomorrow Children as soon as the beta goes live if you wish.


The Tomorrow Children tasks you with helping to build up the town you reside in along with other players, where you can contribute by gathering resources, fighting off the monsters known as the Izverg, or generating electricity by running on a treadmill. A release date for The Tomorrow Children is yet to be confirmed.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. I might be able to get a look in this time! Got into the closed Beta and missed it because of the late issue of my code and the stupidly limited times it was on!

  2. I’ll give it another go, i really wanted to like it but found the closed beta a little underwhelming in terms of the overall experience. Hopefully with more players in the pool it’ll make more sense.

  3. Played the closed beta. It was really shit :(

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