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Legendary Pokémon, A Living Pokédex & Alola Islands Star In New Pokémon Sun & Moon Trailer

There’s an awful lot to take in from the latest Pokémon Sun & Moon trailer and new info on the website, as Nintendo show off the game prior to E3. Everything for new legendary pokémon to character choices, islands and NPC characters get a few moments in the spotlight.

The two new legendary pokémon are Solgaleo – Psychic and Steel, with a full metal body – and Lunala – Psychic and Ghost, with a shadow shield ability – but they’re not the only new twist here. The pokédex now has an actual pokémon inside it, with a Rotom souping up its abilities and letting it talk to players in a more interactive fashion.

You’ll be joined by a trio of new characters, Professor Kukui, his assistant Lillie, and Hau, who you made friends with after moving to the Alola islands.

Speaking of which, the five islands of Alola all seem to have slightly contrasting environments, with one of them an artificial structure.

Dave, one of our resident Pokémon experts, has a few theories, though. New professors tend to indicate a major mechanic change – Elm added eggs in Gold/Silver, Sycamore researched Mega Evolution, etc. – and he thinks that this could tie in with the two legendary pokémon announced today with dual type moves becoming a bigger part of the game. In other words, Solgaleo would have a combined Psychic/Steel attack and Lunala a Psychic/Ghost attack.

Well, it’s as good a theory as I’ve heard, but what do you think?

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are out in the EU on November 23rd, and in the US on November 17th.

Source: Pokémon, Dave’s fervoured imagination

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