Here’s The Announcement Of The Announcement Of Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 will be officially unveiled in two days time but Ubisoft’s hype machine has started with a rather rubbish teaser for the game.


According to Kotaku you play as a “black hacker” named Marcus and the game is set in San Francisco, and it will be for PS4, Xbox One and PC. They say the game is out before Christmas which is a little odd for Ubisoft, they usually announce games years before they are out (looking at you, The Division).

Source: YouTube / Kotaku

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  1. Still haven’t finished the first one. It was a great concept but I don’t know if it was just me but I got bored with it.

    • Same here. I got bored too.

  2. You’re right it’s not the best teaser.
    I thought they would wait until E3 for the announcement. Maybe Ubi have juicier reveals?

  3. Yay….. I don’t give a damn.

    WD had a good concept but kinda boring at times and well, the whole “vigilante” aspect was just a stupid angle. I mean, Batman, he is a vigilante and doesn’t run over people on the road because it’s quicker. Unless Frank Miller writes him but that’s Frank Miller. Aiden Pearce? He shoots stuff, hacks stuff using Ihack and erm… that’s it. He doesn’t really save the day. Just one big quest for revenge.

    Hopefully, WD2 will be far better and i’m not saying rip off GTA V but er…. rip off GTA V. At least, it’ll be an excellent game. Just throw in a lot of content, make hacking more then press X for cool stuff etc.. and get rid of the hacking minigame that is just turning pipes.

    Also, stop with the announcements of announcements of trailers of the teaser of the announcement of the teaser of the trailer of a picture of Ubisoft of an announcement!

    • Aiden never refers to himself as a vigilante though – That’s the moniker the media give him (i.e. to put him in a bad light). His cause is just, but the media are owned & so obviously attempt to turn the people against him.

      For what its worth, I played it a bit back & then stopped for no real reason (other games I suspect) – However, I found that going back to it & allowing myself to get into it, there was a great game there under the surface. I actually really enjoyed it come the end & a sequel would be welcomed.

      But I hope they don’t throw in a lot of content tbh – Have found that bloat can really bring an open world title down. Avalanche are buggers for it as an example. Mad max was actually a great game, but by the time you were done with the bloat, it sullied the experience. Same goes for JC2 & JC3 as well tbh.

      Concentrate on a solid story with a few other things to do dotted around & that’ll be a winner (in my book at least).

      • True but the game seemed to go for the “GASP! AIDEN IS THE VIGILANTE AND A HERO!” angle even though it was badly done.

        I rather them throw in more content as long as it’s fun then put in less. WD kinda had nothing to do outside the plot and a few side missions.

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