Sources Suggest Nintendo NX Delayed To Add VR

The mysterious Nintendo NX may not be out for a while as sources suggest production has been delayed “because Nintendo wished to enhance the game console’s video-game/handheld-game-integrated gaming experience and add virtual reality (VR) function into the system.”

The rumour was reported by Digitimes, a daily newspaper for semiconductor, electronics, computer and communications industries in Taiwan and the Greater China region, rather than some gossipy website, so there may be some truth to the rumour.


Whilst sales of the Wii U have dropped off the various 3DS models are still selling well, and money from Nintendo’s recent expansion in to mobile apps will also help to keep investors happy while the NX gestates.

If Nintendo are adding VR to the console then everyone is onboard with the tech, Sony with PlayStation VR and PS Neo, Microsoft with Oculus and the Xbox Scorpio, and of course than many VR devices available for PC.

If VR is going to flop then it’s going to be hugely expensive for the whole industry, but with every major player on board now, can it really fail? Well, almost every major player, Activision are about the only publisher left to join in, but if they made Call of Duty VR then all bets are off.

Source: Digitimes

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  1. I wonder where the NX stands in relation to the new Neo/Scorpio hardware. Hopefully It can be competitive, and maybe even provide a high quality VR experience. If I trust anyone to make VR work, I think it may just be Nintendo.

  2. Oooh interesting. I’ve got a feeling they’re gonna go with a Wii U style controller that has a removable screen that pops into a headset, like a phone fits into Google Cardboard. Nintendo definitely have the potential to bring affordability and their innocent, colourful style together and sell to the family masses rather than the fat-walletted. Let’s hope they play to their strengths and don’t get carried away!

  3. So does anyone actually think this VR malarkey is going to be as successful as Sony/MS/Nintendo seem to think it will be?

    They seem to be investing a lot into VR tech but there’s no guarantee that it will be a success. I’m more surprised that Nintendo are contemplating VR for the NX (they usually do their own thing).

    It’s like everyone’s convinced that VR will be the next big thing but I just can’t see it.

    • I want it to succeed personally as I think there is massive potential but then again if you look at some of the games, they look so gimmick (wii like if anything). When I imagine VR, I pictured matrix virtue world, when everything is in first person not some floating hands etc

      But I feel like this is VR first stage, writhing given time, it will be big enough with the right support unless it’s Sony then you know I’m a year it will be another fad to them

      • I would like to see it do well myself but Im not in any major hurry to buy one. It’s gonna take a bit more persuading yet.

    • Can’t see it either. Maybe a niche market that can self-sustain itself but maybe only on the PC. After a while it’ll have the Move/Kinect “support” so that’ll die in the water.

      Can it fail? Absolutely. Look at 3DTV.

      • 3D will be ready for a resurgence by the time Avatar 2 finally comes out in 2036.

  4. VR will go down the route of 3D. Pointless.

  5. There are any number of reasons Nintendo might delay the launch of the NX…

    Manufacturing problems, chip yields not being where they should be, issues obtaining parts in numbers required, let alone software not being ready.

    Nintendo wanting to add the option of it’s hardware being ready for VR, should it really take off this generation (there for ‘future proofing’ it’s hardware..) could just be 1 of a number of reasons, not the sole reason.

    It makes commercial sense for Nintendo to hedge it’s bets as it were, i’m damn sure they are going to watch how the consumer responds to VR, let alone updated hardware like Neo and Scorpio, they’d be foolish not to do so, because if that is where the essential 3rd party support starts to focus, they’ll want ‘in’ as it were, to bolster their own unique selling points the console will offer.

    I see this as a story, yet not a story, possible delay, possible reason amongst many, possible media jumping ahead just a tad :-)

  6. I’d say it’s more likely delayed to improve the hardware, so it can be more competitive with the Neo, than to add VR.

    But we’ll just have to wait and see.

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