How We Soar Announced As PSVR Exclusive

Penny Black Studios, a small developer from the the Midlands consisting of former staff members from teams such as Free Radical Design and Crytek, have announced their first game and it is exclusive to PlayStation VR.

You play as the rider of a giant phoenix exploring a papercraft world that unfolds and reacts as you fly by. “The world that you explore has been created in the mind and memoires of ‘The Author’,” explains Tom Turner from Penny Black. “You will travel back and forth between the realms of reality and fantasy with the goal of uncovering the memories hidden within and piecing together the tale of The Author’s life.”

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Bloody hell! Free Radical and Crytek are still alive!? I thought they went bust a few years back after Crysis ran it’s course. :O

    Forgot about PSVR and the likihood of exclusives happening. Erm… it sounds like it could be a decent game.

  2. PSVR would interest me if it had G-police and Wipeout coming for it. Not so sure about How we Soar. Doesn’t look like a game that would hold my attention.

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