Destiny: Rise Of Iron Gets An Official Reveal

If you’ve seen the leaks this won’t be too much of a surprise, but Bungie and Activision have finally confirmed that Destiny’s Rise Of Iron expansion will release on September 20th. Rise Of Iron’s plot has players fighting alongside a legendary being from the Golden Age of humanity, with the mission to defeat a huge force of enemies. It appears that Rise Of Iron will take place in a new area on Earth called The Plaguelands.


The Plaguelands aren’t the only new area as a social space called Felwinter Peak will be added. A new six player raid will be part of the package, as well as three co-op Strikes. New weapons, quests, multiplayer modes, and maps will be added too. Gjallarhorn will make its return too and those who pre-order will get access to a black and silver Iron Gjallarhorn. PlayStation players will get exclusive Rise Of Iron content too.

You will need The Taken King to purchase Rise Of Iron. Listings have appeared on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store, though pre-orders aren’t quite live yet.

Source: Press Release

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  1. £24.99 on the PS UK Store now, hmmm is it really worth yet more money? How much content story wise is there for this?

    • £24.99? Bloody hell. I thought the first year expansions were pricey at £20 as well.

      Tbh, I think I am done with Destiny now – I spent a lot of moolah on it & fair enough, I have had my money’s worth out of it, but I have been finding little reason to go back to it recently.

      Unfortunately, the much advertised ‘April update’ didn’t bring much to the table for my liking & not sure I am prepared to drop yet another bunch of money into it for minimal content.

      Was a good ride while it lasted though.

  2. It’s that “You will need The Taken King to purchase Rise Of Iron” nonsense that annoys me. And to purchase that in the first place, you needed both of the previous expansions.

    Which probably explains why I never got all that extra content. Although Taken King is on sale at the moment for £20, and now magically includes both the previous expansions. Then again, you can get it from Amazon for £20 too.

    Oh, it’s too confusing. It all went downhill when they replaced Peter Dinklage anyway.

  3. Just when I thought I was out… :(

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