PS4 Trophy List Appears For Siren

It looks like Siren will be making its way to PS4 in one form or another as a trophy list for the horror game as appeared on Exophase. This follows a listing for Siren: Blood Curse, which originally released on PS3, turning up on the Korean ratings board last month. Now the question is whether the PS2 Siren, known as Forbidden Siren in the UK,  is getting a Classic release on PS4, or whether there will be some sort of remaster.

The trophy list is below but I will warn you that they contain SPOILERS, so don’t read them if that concerns you.

  • Jump Start (Bronze) – Hit the Police Officer with the truck at the construction site.
  • Saviour (Bronze) – Free the Kiruden from the lanterns.
  • Endless Challenge (Bronze) – Play Time Attack
  • Fun For The Family (Bronze) – Play the Brain Cell Revival game.
  • Shortcut (Bronze) – Reach the road to Hirasakai in under 55 seconds as Kei Makino.
  • Avid Collector (Bronze) – Collect 50 archive items.
  • Hard Day’s Work (Bronze) – Complete all Day 1 mission objectives.
  • Fork In The Road (Silver) – Unlock Stage Select.
  • Sibling Rivalry (Silver) – Use the umbrella to incapacitate Mina Onda with some help from a fire extinguisher.
  • Working Overtime (Silver) – Complete all Day 2 mission objectives.
  • Siren Maniac (Silver) – Collect all archive items.
  • Divine Retribution (Gold) – Decapitate Datatsushi with the Homuranagi.

Source: Exophase

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  1. Odd when it’s on this months PS+

    • That’s Siren: Blood Curse, the episode PS3 sequel to one of the Siren games.

    • The one you’re talking about is the PS3 remake called Blood Curse, this one is the original PS2 game.
      There are 3 games of this franchise: Siren 1 and 2 for PS2 and Siren Blood Curse for the PS3.

      Siren 1 for PS2 is the one that is coming to PS4.

  2. If the launch price isn’t ridiculous then I may pick this up. One of those games that’s incredibly hard to find on PS2 nowadays.

    • It doesn’t have a platinum so it will probably cost 9.99 dollars.
      Generally, although there are a few exceptions, PS2 games on PS4 that have a platinum cost 14.99, and those who doesn’t have one cost 9.99

      Either way you can wait for a sale, they were put on sale many times already for half the price.

  3. I can’t believe that after all this time there are still sites wondering if its going to be a remaster or a classic, is obviously going to be an HD emulation like all the other PS2 games released at this point, not a remaster.

    • Nothing has been confirmed officially (Wiki links to Destructiod who link to ESRB who simply list Siren for PS4 – or did, it’s gone now) so Wikipedia is guessing as much as everyone else.

      FFXII is a PS2 game that has just been announced as a PS4 remaster, so it’s a possibility. Unlikely, but possibly.

      • The ESRB leaked many of the now available PS2 games on PS4 back on December:

        Primal, Wild Arms 3, Okage are all already available on PS4 as a PS2 HD emulation, not as remasters, so those ESRB leaks were correct. They were removed probably at Sony’s request because maybe they didn’t wanted to see them leaked.

        FFXII was announced as a remaster with a trailer nearly 1 year before it gets released, meanwhile this PS2 emulations are quietly released, with their respective trophy lists popping out on Exophase some days before they get released.

        I mean I shouldn’t waste time explaining this to you since Siren will probably get released this Tuesday and you will see for yourself that it will be an HD emulation non-remastered like all the other nearly 30 PS2 games already available on the PS4.
        I’m one of the ones who is updating that Wikipedia thread since months ago and I can say I’m one of the people who knows the most about this PS2 emulations on PS4.

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