Sony Confirm The PS4 Neo Is Coming, Will Not Be At E3

Sony Interactive Entertainment top chap, Andrew House, has confirmed the existence of the PlayStation 4 Neo, and it is meant to compliment the current model rather than replace it completely.

“It is intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4,” he said. “We will be selling both [versions] through the life cycle. All games will support the standard PS4 and we anticipate all or a very large majority of games will also support the high-end PS4.”


The FT also say the Neo will not be at E3, which is rather surprising if it is meant to launch alongside PlayStation VR which is out this October.

“We want to ensure we have a full range of the best experiences on the new system that we can showcase in their entirety,” explained Andrew. Perhaps Sony will showcase Neo at a Gamescom?

Source: FT via NeoGAF

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  1. This is what I want personally. Both companies to have these neo/scorpio projects to ‘complement’ the consoles rather than supersede them. If Microsoft don’t understand this element, and don’t find a way to pull of the regular upgrade system (if that’s their plan) then it will be a massive facepalm for MS. If MS do understand it though, it’ll be one array of settings for developers to incorporate into their games, and more QA to do (if any is done these days). I mean at the lower end they’d have to optimise for Xbox One, then PS4, then Neo, then Scorpio, all at different performance levels. It will genuinely be like PC I reckon, unless the install base on base PS4/XB1 is maintained due to pricing.

  2. Smart move in my book. They would have had to explain what each game trailer/reveal looks and runs like on both all the way through the conference. Much to work on when it comes to messaging.

    • Good point, and in fairness they’ve got a lot of VR PR to be getting on with. There is no spoon.

  3. “All games will support the standard PS4 and we anticipate all or a very large majority of games will also support the high-end PS4.”
    That sounds a bit odd, as if some games would run on PS4 but not on Neo?

    Also, boo Sony for ruining my E3 Bingo! :/

    • No it just means some games wont have a NEO mode. All PS4 games work on NEO.

      • Ah ok, that makes more sense, ta.

  4. I better start pricing up some 4K TVs then if it has the capabilities for decent 4K gaming. Hopefully they’ll continue to drop in price before the NEO is released.

    • There wont be 4K gaming from the NEO, even high-end gaming PCs struggle with 4K atm..

      A 4K TV is still a good move tho, they upscale 1080p content to 4K and blu-rays look particularly awesome on them.

  5. Jesus, I really have fallen out of the loop – What’s this now?

  6. Haha nice try Mr House, trying hard to throw us all off the scent. I rekon it’ll be the last thing they show, along with a trailer for The Last of Us 2 running on it. One can hope :)

  7. Instead, the Elders of the Internet will give them THE INTERNET to show off to the world. Pray that no-one knocks it over or types google into google.

    Kinda surprising that Neo is not being shown but i can’t recall if they actually confirmed it was a thing or not until now.

  8. The 4.5 arms race has begun, eventually we’ll see NEO only titles down the road… Actually reminds me of my childhood PHILIPS Videopac system that did the exact same thing…

  9. Day one. No doubt. I traded my first PS4 for the Bat4.

    I’ll be keeping that and just buying the upgraded PS4K.

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