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Image Leaks Appearing To Confirm The Xbox One Slim, Has 2TB Hard Drive & 4K Video Support

There have been rumours for a while about a new Xbox One model coming soon, and with Sony already confirming the Neo it may be only a matter of time before Microsoft follow suit officially. Unofficially it looks like the console has already been confirmed via a leak of an image which appears from Microsoft’s own site. It isn’t confirmed but have a look anyway.


According to the image the Xbox One Slim is 40% smaller than the original Xbox One, will have a 2TB hard drive, will support 4K Ultra HD output, a more streamlined controller, and you’ll be able to stand it up too unlike the first Xbox One. A price or a release date is unknown so far, but I’d expect a lot of focus on it during Microsoft’s conference if this is true.

Source: NeoGAF

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  1. Wow, I wasn’t expect native 4K video playback. Looks good, although not quite as outright sleek looking as the original in my opinion. I really think consoles should have had at least a 1TB HDD from the beginning, but hey ho that’s refits for you.

  2. I’m curious about the “streamlined” controller. That’s the fourth Xbox One controller Microsoft has put out, and it’s getting a bit ridiculous.

    (1. Launch models, 2. w/minijack and refined bumpers, 3. Elite model)

    • Yeah – “streamlined” is an odd phrase. Excessive tinkering?

    • Can’t really count the elite model in that anymore than the special edition controllers.

      Curious to what the changes are. Looks more or less the same controller.

      • Sure we can, it’s an official first-party controller with different hardware. The special editions are all based on one of the others.

        For instance, the Titanfall one is exactly the same as the launch model with a different coat of paint. The Halo 5 ones are based on the second model.

      • @Kennykazey The internal hardware of the Elite controller isn’t *that* much different either. It has a faster CPU with some on board storage, but the “extra” paddles are mapped to existing buttons, so they aren’t really “extra” hardware.
        Same with the trigger locks, they’re only a mechanical slide switch. Rest is the same, even the “improved” analogue controls are essentially the same part internally.

        Maybe they should ship it with a “streamlined” Elite controller, keep the software configuration options but drop the metal housing and swap out parts?

      • Well I was more referring to the fact that the Elite Controller is optional and not a stock model intended to replace anything. In terms of stock refits, we’ve just had the original and the 3.5mm one. As you say, everything else has been a reskin aside from the Lunar White SE controller which has the coveted diamond rubber grip.

  3. That’s not slim! That’s well, the same size as a phat PS3. What? I had expectations when it comes to slim. And THAT IS NOT SLIM!

    As for the leak, i hope it’s not just white. White consoles tend to age badly due to them slowly turning a bit of a crusty colour and well, easier to look dirty.

    Have no clue what 4k video is like so cannea comment on it. But the controller? erm…. kinda looks the same.

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